Thursday, March 28, 2013

Operation Doomsday, Day 1: Eagle is in the nest

Real talk: Portland is rad. I mean, I knew that. I lived there for like six years. But you forget things sometimes when you're away for awhile, and I swear this town is pulling out all the stops to get me to come back.

First, after two totally decent flights (I mean, I hate flying, and they sucked, but minimally) from gray and frosty Michigan, I emerge out into a beautiful, idyllic, 60 degree spring day, which is an immediate unfair advantage. Then my dear long-lost-friend Vivian shows up with her newest offspring (who I hadn't met, and who is totally rad and hilarious for a baby) and delivers me to my insanely cute bnb rental apartment where I might just stay and live forever, if you all start buying like, a lot more patterns.


Then she gives me some sweet notebooks and caramels (belated Christmas!), and we go to New Seasons, which is the best grocery store chain ever (I totally miss it) which has every single food item (and brand) I wanted PLUS this magnet:


 ...which is all I've ever wanted in a magnet. Then, delicious pizza, long hot shower, and I decide to wander down to Alberta st because I'm two blocks away and it just happens to be Last Thursday, which is when fun artsy things happen.

Look closely- that's a Mario & Yoshi made out of bottle caps. 

So I come upon a super cute boutique called Amelia having a grand opening.


As soon as I walk in, they offer me food and a raffle ticket with a squid on it (squid!) Then I turn around, and who should appear but my old friend Elif!

We are this blurry in real life.

 Then I turn around AGAIN and they're yelling "SQUID!" and I go home with this awesome dress which I so need (going to wear it to ALL THE WEDDINGS):


(also a very cool necklace that I didn't take a picture of, aptly named "Tiny Arrowhead")

Later, I discover that "Uke-jos" are a thing. Unfortunately the music store will not rent me one for the duration of my stay. WAY TO BLOW MY WINNING STREAK GUYS.


And in conclusion, Portland: good. My travelling companion Chibi Totoro agrees.


 (but I'm still not moving back, sorry Portland. Try to be closer to Michigan and we'll talk.)


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