Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite-Things Friday!

Vivian (of the Spindleshanks Vivians) recently proposed a lil blog meme to a few of us (and once I know who's doing it, I'll let you know!) I'm callin' it "Favorite Things Friday" and I plan on splitting it up between this blog and CAF, in a mad attempt not to have a bunch of them all lined up next to each other because I'm not blogging enough (eeep.) I will do my best to fill my answers with interesting links, pictures, videos, and what-have-you, because I am not cocky enough to think that anyone truly cares what my favorite whatever is ;-)  Anyway, enough chitterchatter. Let's see what's up first.

Favorite animal 

Dammit, that's a hard one. Aesthetically, deer, at the moment. If I were the type of person to claim I had a "spirit animal," it might be deer. I'm very into them lately, as my last halloween costume will attest. As pets, dogs (duh.) As for "animals I can't own but which are hilariously adorable": Sloths or slow lorises with umbrellas.

(seriously does that woman have the best job in the world or what?)


Favorite superpower/superhero 

Also way too hard, come on Vivian, start me off easy! Sigh. Hmm.... I’d like to be able to temporarily freeze time, for everyone but me (but also, I don’t age during this time, so like, bonus.) Not only could I get everything done (finally), it would have similar benefits to invisibility, in that you could totally spy on people. Or rob them. If that’s what you’re into. I can't say I have a favorite superhero, I've never been much into the genre. Does Brock Samson count, in that he fights supervillains?

Anyway.... if any of you folks with blogs want to play along with our weekly shenanigannery on your own blog, let me know and we'll boat you the list. It's a biggun! Be sure to check out Vivian's terribly eloquent version of this post and I think miss Star Athena may be playing along as well...

Update: Lee's in on it too, and I think Annabel!


  1. I'd love to do this, it'd force me to finally come up with a proper blogging schedule. ^^

  2. Cool! Shoot me an email w/ your email address and I'll send you the list :-) (keepittoadullroar - at- gmail)

  3. Oh man, baby sloths. You are killing me. KILLING me. Let's have a sloth rescue farm or something.

  4. Woo, sounds like a good meme theme! I'd like to join in as well :)

    1. Awesome! Can you shoot me an email so I have your address to send it to? keepittoadullroargmail :-)

  5. Baby sloths and slow loris are now required viewing approximately twenty-seven times per day in our house now. Ada is two and a half and consequently somewhat obsessive. She also thinks they are putting basil on the sloths in that video. :)

    1. I'm kinda curious what they ARE putting on. Some plant that repels bugs, I guess. They are just so unbearably cute... (there are a ton of baby sloth clips from that show on youtube, too. A good way to spend an afternoon, hehe.)

  6. Hi there,
    I know you didn't mean any harm by this, but it is really cruel to keep slow lorises in captivity. They are poached from the wild, then their sharp teeth are yanked out with pliers to make them 'safe' as pets. Also, their diet and nocturnal habits mean they get really stressed out when kept as pets in urban homes.

    In the rattier tourist traps of Southeast Asia, you can routinely find touts carrying slow lorises for tourists to take photos with, for a fee. Some tourists end up wanting to buy them and take them back home. So the animals have to be drugged and smuggled in suitcases, often dying in transit.

    Unfortunately, the cuteness of these animals really works against them, and videos like these just seem to spread the message that it's ok to keep them as pets.

    1. Which is precisely why I classified them as "animals I can't own." But if anyone was confused:

      DON'T GET THEM AS PETS! Not only is the above true but they're actually really poisonous- they have venom in a gland in their arm, which they lick and then bite you (which is why the teeth are removed, but the gland is still there, oozing poison.) I have no way of knowing the situation in the video, so I won't judge- and they ARE really, super cute - but it bears repeating: NO SLOW LORISES AS PETS, DUDES.

      Get yourself a nice rescued pomeranian- just as cute, almost as small, and twice as fluffy.


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