Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Things 3 and Doomsday Day 2

This week's favorite things categories are "Favorite Animated Movie" and "Favorite Love Story." The answer to both is "Lady & the Tramp," no contest. If you haven't watched it as an adult, you should. It's about how slutty, roguish men really just need a good proper young lady to set them straight- a message we should be sending ALL of our children and dogs, don't you think? (Yeah it's totally fucked up but it's Victorian.)

Speaking of children and dogs... here's Vivian's newest sprout Anaiah! Officially one of the few babies I like, because she hasn't yet puked in front of me, and she makes great faces and yells "dog!" all time, even when the furry item in question is a giant box of rabbit pelts (hashtag: apocalypsebaby.) She has been a goddamn champ so far. If there is some award for baby patience, she gets it.


Also, everyone in Portland has adorable puppies all the time, and I'm suddenly remembering why I impulsively gained a dog in college. So far I have petted like, four types of puppy. And I mean *puppy* as in tiny baby dog, not just any old dog. (Petted way more of those.)

Also today: Waffle Window (1.5 blocks from my rental, no joke.)




 Vintage fur hat and a treat from Close Knit


(Not Pictured: exhausting amounts of prop shopping, Star Athena!!, fro-yo, food carts.) The hat and antler were each $5 at a yard sale I just happened to pass by on my way to Close Knit. One is for the photo shoots, I'll let you guess which. I mentioned this on twitter, but I totally walked around shopping in adorable little boutiques and stuff for an hour with that big ole antler in my hand, and nobody even looked twice. Oh Portland.


  1. Rabbit pelts? Will there be photos in the book featuring real fur?

    1. Just the one old rabbit pelt from the army surplus. However there's a lot of leather, and the garage-sale antler you see above- I wouldn't call this book vegan friendly. My personal philosophy is that I am okay with using products that come from animals killed for food- cows, deer, rabbit, etc. I'm totally okay with eating meat, but I'm not okay with wasting- the more of the animal we can use, the better. I understand that doesn't match with everyone's philosophies, of course, no more than the fact that I thoroughly enjoy bacon does.

      (I will very occasionally buy a vintage piece of mystery fur- like that hat above- but I won't support the non-by-product fur industries. Again, I know not everyone is okay with vintage fur, but personally I would rather use what already exists than waste it and pour chemicals into making a new fake fur version.)

    2. Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Alex. I don't wear animal skins or fibers (except ones I bought more than five or so years ago), but I'm still looking forward to the book. Seeing a lot of fur freaks me out a bit (it just looks more like a real animal than leather, I guess), so if it was going to feature heavily, I would have forwarded my download code/link to a friend, since I ordered a digital copy via Kickstarter. Good luck with the rest of your shoot!

    3. There's a bit of faux, but nothing else real ;-)


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