Friday, March 29, 2013

Favorite Things 3 and Doomsday Day 2

This week's favorite things categories are "Favorite Animated Movie" and "Favorite Love Story." The answer to both is "Lady & the Tramp," no contest. If you haven't watched it as an adult, you should. It's about how slutty, roguish men really just need a good proper young lady to set them straight- a message we should be sending ALL of our children and dogs, don't you think? (Yeah it's totally fucked up but it's Victorian.)

Speaking of children and dogs... here's Vivian's newest sprout Anaiah! Officially one of the few babies I like, because she hasn't yet puked in front of me, and she makes great faces and yells "dog!" all time, even when the furry item in question is a giant box of rabbit pelts (hashtag: apocalypsebaby.) She has been a goddamn champ so far. If there is some award for baby patience, she gets it.


Also, everyone in Portland has adorable puppies all the time, and I'm suddenly remembering why I impulsively gained a dog in college. So far I have petted like, four types of puppy. And I mean *puppy* as in tiny baby dog, not just any old dog. (Petted way more of those.)

Also today: Waffle Window (1.5 blocks from my rental, no joke.)




 Vintage fur hat and a treat from Close Knit


(Not Pictured: exhausting amounts of prop shopping, Star Athena!!, fro-yo, food carts.) The hat and antler were each $5 at a yard sale I just happened to pass by on my way to Close Knit. One is for the photo shoots, I'll let you guess which. I mentioned this on twitter, but I totally walked around shopping in adorable little boutiques and stuff for an hour with that big ole antler in my hand, and nobody even looked twice. Oh Portland.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Operation Doomsday, Day 1: Eagle is in the nest

Real talk: Portland is rad. I mean, I knew that. I lived there for like six years. But you forget things sometimes when you're away for awhile, and I swear this town is pulling out all the stops to get me to come back.

First, after two totally decent flights (I mean, I hate flying, and they sucked, but minimally) from gray and frosty Michigan, I emerge out into a beautiful, idyllic, 60 degree spring day, which is an immediate unfair advantage. Then my dear long-lost-friend Vivian shows up with her newest offspring (who I hadn't met, and who is totally rad and hilarious for a baby) and delivers me to my insanely cute bnb rental apartment where I might just stay and live forever, if you all start buying like, a lot more patterns.


Then she gives me some sweet notebooks and caramels (belated Christmas!), and we go to New Seasons, which is the best grocery store chain ever (I totally miss it) which has every single food item (and brand) I wanted PLUS this magnet:


 ...which is all I've ever wanted in a magnet. Then, delicious pizza, long hot shower, and I decide to wander down to Alberta st because I'm two blocks away and it just happens to be Last Thursday, which is when fun artsy things happen.

Look closely- that's a Mario & Yoshi made out of bottle caps. 

So I come upon a super cute boutique called Amelia having a grand opening.


As soon as I walk in, they offer me food and a raffle ticket with a squid on it (squid!) Then I turn around, and who should appear but my old friend Elif!

We are this blurry in real life.

 Then I turn around AGAIN and they're yelling "SQUID!" and I go home with this awesome dress which I so need (going to wear it to ALL THE WEDDINGS):


(also a very cool necklace that I didn't take a picture of, aptly named "Tiny Arrowhead")

Later, I discover that "Uke-jos" are a thing. Unfortunately the music store will not rent me one for the duration of my stay. WAY TO BLOW MY WINNING STREAK GUYS.


And in conclusion, Portland: good. My travelling companion Chibi Totoro agrees.


 (but I'm still not moving back, sorry Portland. Try to be closer to Michigan and we'll talk.)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Style your Knits: Northern Line 4 Ways

I did an extra one this time, for reasons that'll become clear. Remember when I said I had "matchy matchy" problems? Well it was tricky to break out of the White Stripes vibe with Northern Line, maybe because of how I styled it in the first place.

Northern Line 1

First attempt- alright, cool, I dig it. I assume you'd use a handknit hat, though. Of course ;-)

Northern Line 2

My attempt at classing it up. This is how the fancy biznuss ladies dress these days, right? But yeah. This is all kind of boring if you're not Meg White. So I started channelling a Mondrian vibe....

Northern Line 3

Kinda cool! I don't know if I'd wear it, though- I don't really do full-on primaries very much. But I can appreciate the mod-ness of it, and those boots are killer.

Northern Line 4

Now this, I can get on board with. Nothin' says stylin' like hipster glasses, mint jeans, and Pokemon headphones.

Again, of course... I expect you to sub in a handknit hat ;-) I will be very disappointed in you otherwise. Just so you know.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The End is Nigh


That right there is all the foofaraw that I'm lugging to Portland with me in less than a week, minus some last minute toiletry type stuff and all the actual knitted samples, which are right here:


(Gotta take those carry-on, don'tchaknow!) Luckily for me, my sister is coming to out to model for the book and can bring one of those carry-ons plus that extra pile of shoes in the first picture. Ack.

Once there I will be hooking up with the delightful Vivian Aubrey, taking her infant daughter shopping for spears and sawed-off shotguns, and trekking all up and down the Pacific Northwest to take photographs for Doomsday Knits. Passionate hatred of flying aside, I am very excited. (And I get to go to Powell's!!! And Pix!! And all the other wonderful places I love and miss!! And it might even be sort of spring-ish, if I'm lucky...)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Favorite-Things Friday!

Vivian (of the Spindleshanks Vivians) recently proposed a lil blog meme to a few of us (and once I know who's doing it, I'll let you know!) I'm callin' it "Favorite Things Friday" and I plan on splitting it up between this blog and CAF, in a mad attempt not to have a bunch of them all lined up next to each other because I'm not blogging enough (eeep.) I will do my best to fill my answers with interesting links, pictures, videos, and what-have-you, because I am not cocky enough to think that anyone truly cares what my favorite whatever is ;-)  Anyway, enough chitterchatter. Let's see what's up first.

Favorite animal 

Dammit, that's a hard one. Aesthetically, deer, at the moment. If I were the type of person to claim I had a "spirit animal," it might be deer. I'm very into them lately, as my last halloween costume will attest. As pets, dogs (duh.) As for "animals I can't own but which are hilariously adorable": Sloths or slow lorises with umbrellas.

(seriously does that woman have the best job in the world or what?)


Favorite superpower/superhero 

Also way too hard, come on Vivian, start me off easy! Sigh. Hmm.... I’d like to be able to temporarily freeze time, for everyone but me (but also, I don’t age during this time, so like, bonus.) Not only could I get everything done (finally), it would have similar benefits to invisibility, in that you could totally spy on people. Or rob them. If that’s what you’re into. I can't say I have a favorite superhero, I've never been much into the genre. Does Brock Samson count, in that he fights supervillains?

Anyway.... if any of you folks with blogs want to play along with our weekly shenanigannery on your own blog, let me know and we'll boat you the list. It's a biggun! Be sure to check out Vivian's terribly eloquent version of this post and I think miss Star Athena may be playing along as well...

Update: Lee's in on it too, and I think Annabel!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sneak Peek at Crafty Magazine


The folks at Crafty Magazine (a new publication out of the UK) contacted me the other day with a sneak-preview link for their first issue that I thought you guys might want to check out :-)


It's not the whole issue, but you can get a feel for it. I think it looks really promising! (And as is tradition with UK magazines, it looks like the paper copies will come with free goodies. Seriously- when you buy a knitting magazine in England, you almost always get yarn or a project bag or needles... not super fancy ones, mind, but still! Why don't we do that here??)

Anyway- the publishing powers that be tell me that Crafty can be ordered at, or digital copies will be available at Apple Newsstand. Or of course if you're lucky enough to live in the UK you can probably just mosey down to your newsie or whatever adorable word you have for "place with magazines."

Style Your Knits: Lutine 3 Ways

Yay, new occasional series! Because Polyvore is fun, and because it can sometimes be hard to picture different ways to wear a single knit. Let's start with Lutine, because I know it's a bit of a quirky one.

Lutine 3

First, the cozy overcast-day look. Blue plays nice with yellows, but keeping them cool and lemony keeps it from looking a little too "Team Colors"-y (I am probably extra sensitive, living next to University of Michigan.) Little bit of pale aqua-green and a healthy dose of neutrals helps too. I'm a firm believer in mixing neutrals. Brown, gray, black... it all goes together just fine as far as I'm concerned.

Lutine 2

Next... speaking of neutrals, how bout a buncha lovely grays? And just a pink of pinky nudes to keep it from being way too matchy (I veer towards matchy, as you'll probably see. I have to watch myself constantly.)

Lutine 1

And finally, I tried to femme it up a little. But not too much, 'cause I ain't into that girly girl shiz. Hunter boots (my favorite things ever), graphic prints, and a gothed out necklace help tone down the twee-ness of the pink cardigan and minty skirt. Also, glitter, because yes.

Hmm, I think #1 is my favorite. Any votes?

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