Monday, February 4, 2013

❤ Love From London- MFPP Collection ❤

Time to admit it- America is great and all, but my heart belongs to London. Consider this my London-y Valentine ❤ (And yes, we'll be hitting the heart character pretty hard today.)



This collection (part of the Malabrigo Freelance Pattern Project) includes all you need to be lookin' cozy and cute this Valentine's day, from head to ankles. It also features my VERY FIRST EVER PUBLISHED GARMENT PATTERN OMG. It has had the holy heck tech edited out of it but I am still a little nervous- this is my first real graded pattern 0.o

  Northern Line

I love how it turned out, though, and with the stripes and boat neck it is particularly flattering for us breastally-challenged gals. I think "sweaters for the breastally challenged" might end up being my garment niche. Work with what you (don't) got, I always say.

  Northern Line

 Anyway, let's do a walk-through, shall we? Click the name or pics to check it out on Ravelry. 

 First up, Northern Line, the aforementioned sweater:

  Northern Line
 Boat neck, stripes, contrast hems, picots! Easy top-down raglan shaping and a bit of nip-in at the waist. Ever so slightly saucy, I'd say.

  Northern Line

  Hallo, Love! 

 Wear your heart on your hat ;-) Stripes, slipped stitch decreases (my new favorite effect), and just a little duplicate stitch.

  Borough Market Mitts 

 True to their name, these babies kept my paws cozy in the freezing drizzle at Borough Market (which is also where these photos were shot. Do I look cold in the pictures? BECAUSE I WAS. VERY.) The finger-side-cuff can fold back for dexterity or forward to keep 'em warm, it's very useful. Plus, little tiny hearts! 'Cuz Valentines!!

  Bermondsey Shawlette

 This might be the sweetheart of the collection- I absolutely love this shawl (and it looks divine with my new red coat!) Stripes, slipped stitches, scallops, picots!

  Zebra Crossing 

 I knew right away what I'd name these guys, hehe ("Zebra crossings" are pretty much just British crosswalks...sometimes they have some zig-zag lines. Way funner name, if you ask me.) The pompoms and sassy contrast back "seam" make me very happy.

  Here's a link to the whole collection! All 5 pdfs for $16, whattadeal ;-)


(Also, if you're interested, there is an absolutely obscene number of project photos on my flickr account. In case you want a few more angles, haha.)


  1. Hooray, you're so brave! And dammit, I wanted to name a pattern 'Zebra Crossing' (as soon as I read yours, that is. What an obvious and unfreakinbelievably great name).

  2. Congrats! its an awesome collection - love your photos!

  3. Wow that is a stunning collection! I love them! Great job Alex, and especially on your sweater! Super cute!

  4. You look great in all of the shots. And that top is sure cute.

  5. FABULOUS collection, and congrats on publishing your first garment pattern! It's a great design! And I promise it gets easier.

  6. These are stunning!

    But hey, what's black and white and red all over?

    1. That was ALMOST the name of the collection. And the designs would be called things like "sunburned zebra" and "embarassed skunk" and "newspaper"....

  7. Gorgeous collection Alex. Well done! And congratulations on your first garment! Woot!
    I also learnt something from this post. I didn't know that striped crossings are not called Zebra Crossings everywhere. And now you have mentioned it, something I have taken for granted since adulthood (I thought it was funny as a kid), is suddenly fun again! Thanks for that :D

    1. Yeah we boring Americans just call them "crosswalks" :-P Zebras are much better.

  8. Great collection, and love the photoshoot. That jumper is right up my street - I too am breastally challenged so I guess that explains it


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