Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hey there, Slick


One more hat for February, eh? This one's a touch manlier than usual, but it looks nice on the ladies too. 

This is Trav's Blue Steel. He's aiming it the wrong way though.

I was going for sort of a classic-sailor-beanie vibe, with a touch of sophistication, perhaps. It's got just enough cabling to keep it interesting without being too overwhelming or requiring constant vigilance, and lots of nice crisp twisted stitches! As written it has a short, skull-cap fit, reminiscent of a vintage sailor’s beanie, but it's easy to add extra length to the ribbing if you prefer a longer hat or are getting a shorter row gauge than called for.


Trav’s been wearing this around with a big black peacoat and a black cashmere scarf and it’s so “European Sailor Classic”-ish I could swoon a little. But with a jacket, beard, and axe, it can totally do lumberjack-hot too.


You can find Slick on Ravelry here (check out my testers' projects once they're linked up- you'll be surprised how well some of the colorways worked with the cabling!) 

 Or you can... 


  1. I do hope someone styles this hat to look lumberjack-hot. Alas, I don't know any lumberjack types....

  2. That cabling looks awesome and different than usual. Did you cable it in an unusual way? Could a beginner who has cabled exactly twice do this?

    1. I think it looks different because the stitches are twisted and the columns that are moving around are very tiny. I think you could pull it off, though! It's a little different than straight up 2-over-2 cabling but it's not harder (and if you - or anyone else reading this- gets stuck, let me know and I can either make or find some videos demonstrating.)


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