Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fooler A Faker

"You're a fooler, a faker, a little heartbreaker..."


 Just a little somethin'-somethin' for Valentine's day!


This hat is a brioche-free version of my Heartbreaker pattern that imitates the look with a strategic gauge change/double stranding (or as I like to call it, brifauxche.)


Get it? Fooler, a faker, a little heartbreaker?? RIGHT? CAUSE IT'S A FAKE HEARTBREAKER. (I don't know why my Val-day patterns are always so focused on the downside of love, but you gotta admit, the name worked out pretty darn well.)

And yeah, I know the green one looks like an olive. It's 'cause ❤ olive you </groan> 


Anyway, you can check this lil' ditty out on Ravelry, here, or:

(And just so you know, the folks on my mailing list got this one for $2.14 (Valentine's, see?) If you want to be in on such snazzy discounts in the future, sign up over in the side bar---->

I only send out newsletters when there's a new pattern to announce, and I will never share your info or anything shady like that.)

1 comment:

  1. Very clever. :) And I can't tell you how much I love the color combos, especially the peachy-pink and minty-green. Yum!


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