Friday, January 25, 2013

Vogue Knitting Live!

I'd been wanting to spend a little time in New York so when I got an email about sale airfares the weekend of VKL, I figured that was a pretty good excuse! I am absolutely wretched at documenting things, especially when it's cold outside (I don't want to stand there and dig out my camera/phone), but here are a paltry few of the pictures I managed to take.

Inside the show. It was held in a hotel on Times Square, which was... batshit and touristy, haha. I don't think you could get me to go to Times Square for very many other reasons ;-P

Ms. Plucky Knitter with her Varia and P├ętoncle! It was so exciting to see them in a booth! (Totally in love with that cowl, too. Fits right into my current color phase, as you'll see below.)

Whenever Knit Collage is at a show I like to say hello to Space Case, too ;-) 

The wily ladies behind Cooperative Press and Cephalopod Yarns took up a collection to bribe the Times Square Batman into visiting the show (more pics here, number 16!)

After one of the show days, I went out to dinner with the delightful Natalie/Leeleetea!'s the loot. Some is from the show, and some is from my subsequent trip to Purl Soho, which was just as cute as expected (but crazy busy.) I took no pictures of course :-P 


On the far left we've got some Baggu project bags (I realized as I was packing for the trip that I was seriously in need of project bags- all mine are, um, full. Of half knitted things. Eerrrp) and a Purl Soho felt bundle. I have no idea what I'm going to do with those, but I liked the colors and got carried away.

-The dark orange yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Aran in Sticky Toffee.
-The neon is Manos del Uruguay color M2060 (I normally never buy this stuff because it's so similar to Malabrigo which I have, y'know, a ton of, but this color is undeniably unique.)
-The greenish on top is a Plucky Knitter One Hit Wonder.
-The bright orange is Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Tomato.
-The fluffy gray on top is Purl Soho Super Soft Merino in Oyster Gray (lives up to its name, btw. The soft part. Not the oyster part.)
-The dark teal is Jill Draper Makes Stuff Hudson in North Atlantic
-Annnd finally, we've got some Shelter in Woodsmoke. I had to buy some Brooklyn Tweed yarn in New York, it just seemed appropriate. (Even though I was technically in Manhattan at the time.)
-Not shown: I grabbed another cross-stitch iPhone case. I wasn't very happy with how the first one got warped (because the thread I used was too thick.) So, try again!

Apparently I'm going through another color phase. You know, I really thought neon/neutrals thing would be on it's way out by now, but according to the spring collection in every store in New York that I went in, it's really not. So I guess it's okay that I'm suddenly kinda into it.


  1. The lady in the knee-high boots in the first picture looks like she's been busted shopping for yarn when she shouldn't.

    Jealous of your loot!

  2. I love your current colour phase! In fact, I think the whole neon/neutral thing might be what tonight's manicure calls for :)

  3. Ooooohhhhh that cowl! I would overcome my strong dislike of fair isle to make that cowl, I think... okay, no guarantees. Probably I'd download the pattern then just curse it for all eternity for being fair isle.

    1. well, thanks the design of the cowl pattern Fagus Splendour is mine! :-) and can be found on Ravelry

  4. I love that Batman has a name tag reading "Batman." Wish I had been there to witness it firsthand.

  5. I have that same skein of Madtosh in my stash. So excited by how bright and beautiful it is. You got a good haul!

  6. HI,
    Thanks for your uplifting impression of VKL :)
    BTW the recently started designer of the cowl you love so much (I totally agree with you and bought the pattern already) sells her patterns on ravelry:
    is the right adress where you can find more stuff like this.
    Again thanks for you blog on VKL and greetings :)

    1. Thanks, I'd been meaning to track it down since I forgot to get the name while I was there :-)


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