Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scallop Sisters! Pétoncle and Varia

The hats that starred in this series are now available, both individually and as a duo!

First up is Varia, which I named for this lovely scallop that inspired it's colors. (Yeah, could've gone with "mimachlamys," but that sounds too much like an STD to me.)



I'm kinda in love with these colors.

Second is Pétoncle (French for "scallop," and a word that taught me how to easily make accent marks with a mac keyboard. You just hold down the letter for a second! Whoa!)



The hats have the same gauge and sizing, so the brims, decreases, and charting schemes are interchangeable  For maximum flexibility you can pick up both patterns together for a discounted price!

Shopping linkies:


Scallop Sisters Duo: 


Pssst! Mailing list subscribers got a schweet discount on these puppies. Want to be notified when new patterns come out and sometimes get fun coupons and maybe even a prize? There's a sign up form on the sidebar to your right! I promise I only use it when there's a new patterns. No spam. Cross my heart. 

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  1. Yes, I've been waiting for these. Just bought them both!


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