Friday, January 25, 2013

Vogue Knitting Live!

I'd been wanting to spend a little time in New York so when I got an email about sale airfares the weekend of VKL, I figured that was a pretty good excuse! I am absolutely wretched at documenting things, especially when it's cold outside (I don't want to stand there and dig out my camera/phone), but here are a paltry few of the pictures I managed to take.

Inside the show. It was held in a hotel on Times Square, which was... batshit and touristy, haha. I don't think you could get me to go to Times Square for very many other reasons ;-P

Ms. Plucky Knitter with her Varia and Pétoncle! It was so exciting to see them in a booth! (Totally in love with that cowl, too. Fits right into my current color phase, as you'll see below.)

Whenever Knit Collage is at a show I like to say hello to Space Case, too ;-) 

The wily ladies behind Cooperative Press and Cephalopod Yarns took up a collection to bribe the Times Square Batman into visiting the show (more pics here, number 16!)

After one of the show days, I went out to dinner with the delightful Natalie/Leeleetea!'s the loot. Some is from the show, and some is from my subsequent trip to Purl Soho, which was just as cute as expected (but crazy busy.) I took no pictures of course :-P 


On the far left we've got some Baggu project bags (I realized as I was packing for the trip that I was seriously in need of project bags- all mine are, um, full. Of half knitted things. Eerrrp) and a Purl Soho felt bundle. I have no idea what I'm going to do with those, but I liked the colors and got carried away.

-The dark orange yarn is Plucky Knitter Primo Aran in Sticky Toffee.
-The neon is Manos del Uruguay color M2060 (I normally never buy this stuff because it's so similar to Malabrigo which I have, y'know, a ton of, but this color is undeniably unique.)
-The greenish on top is a Plucky Knitter One Hit Wonder.
-The bright orange is Madelinetosh Tosh DK in Tomato.
-The fluffy gray on top is Purl Soho Super Soft Merino in Oyster Gray (lives up to its name, btw. The soft part. Not the oyster part.)
-The dark teal is Jill Draper Makes Stuff Hudson in North Atlantic
-Annnd finally, we've got some Shelter in Woodsmoke. I had to buy some Brooklyn Tweed yarn in New York, it just seemed appropriate. (Even though I was technically in Manhattan at the time.)
-Not shown: I grabbed another cross-stitch iPhone case. I wasn't very happy with how the first one got warped (because the thread I used was too thick.) So, try again!

Apparently I'm going through another color phase. You know, I really thought neon/neutrals thing would be on it's way out by now, but according to the spring collection in every store in New York that I went in, it's really not. So I guess it's okay that I'm suddenly kinda into it.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Scallop Sisters! Pétoncle and Varia

The hats that starred in this series are now available, both individually and as a duo!

First up is Varia, which I named for this lovely scallop that inspired it's colors. (Yeah, could've gone with "mimachlamys," but that sounds too much like an STD to me.)



I'm kinda in love with these colors.

Second is Pétoncle (French for "scallop," and a word that taught me how to easily make accent marks with a mac keyboard. You just hold down the letter for a second! Whoa!)



The hats have the same gauge and sizing, so the brims, decreases, and charting schemes are interchangeable  For maximum flexibility you can pick up both patterns together for a discounted price!

Shopping linkies:


Scallop Sisters Duo: 


Pssst! Mailing list subscribers got a schweet discount on these puppies. Want to be notified when new patterns come out and sometimes get fun coupons and maybe even a prize? There's a sign up form on the sidebar to your right! I promise I only use it when there's a new patterns. No spam. Cross my heart. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Beginning of the End

The end of the woooorrrlld MWAHAHAH!

I have here, in this intentionally illegible photograph, evidence of approximately half of the book that will be Doomsday Knits.

Each one soft, glorious, and (with one or two exceptions) wooly. This is gonna be fun. 

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