Friday, December 21, 2012

Tick, tock...

Just a wee reminder- 11 more hours to get buy-2-get-1-free patterns.... and until we can make fun of everyone who was stocking up bottled water and spam yesterday (and everyone involved with this.)

The Link: Dull Roar Ravelry Shop

The Code: 2012buy2get1

And just for kicks, here are a few things I'm pretty confident you could still finish by Christmas, if you knit really hard (click the photo to go to the pattern page):

Knit it for: Your friend, your sister, your girlfriend

Knit it for: The most obnoxiously cute person you know who lives in a cold climate.

Knit it for: Just about any lady. Very mom-friendly, and can be worn as a cowl rather than capelet (but some moms will rock a capelet too!)

Knit it for: Your dad, your brother, your boyfriend, or any girl in your life who prefers a more simple, unisex style. 

Knit it for: Someone you still need a gift for on Christmas Eve. This one's fast!

Knit it for: Chicks who dig hats. Possibly dudes who dig hats... I've never tried it on Travis but it just might work. 

Knit it for: Your quirky cousin, or if you're me, your mother-in-law.

Knit it for: Someone who either enjoys the romance of gauntlet-like items, has perpetually cold cost/mitten wrist gaps, or likes to pretend they're a superhero.

And this one takes a little longer but if you're determined and have a long boring flight or car trip to pass...
Knit it for: Anyone who will look this cute in it.


  1. Oh, I love your hats! You look so adorable in well, just every one of them!
    Great that you've got a sale on ravelry, Thank you!


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