Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Sharona Redux

The rights to Sharona have reverted back into my hot little hands, which means I can finally release this beast into the wild! Sharona Redux has some very minor differences from the original, so I'm releasing it as a new pattern (Ravelry-wise) to save confusion, but the overall effect is much the same.



This yarn (Madelinetosh DK in Rosewood and a matching shade of Habu Wool Stainless Steel) is the exact yarn that I swatched with when I sent the submission into Interweave over two years ago. I've saved it since then because I couldn't bear the thought of it becoming anything else. Those yarns and this pattern were meant to be, as far as I'm concerned.



 It's a fun pattern, and one that affords a lot of room for creativity- try different yarn combos, different colors...make it longer, or shorter, or wider, or thinner. What if the Habu was the main yarn and the Tosh was the accent?


 It can be worn doubled over, or more like a capelet (shoulderette? Is that a word?) You can put the point to the front, back, side, or tuck it in completely. (I totally would've taken photos of these options if it hadn't been raining on my cameraman, I swear.) 

 Anyway- Here she is on Ravelry, and on Craftsy. Or, of course, you can hit this magic button:


(Oh, and those mitts you see peeking out? Those have been waiting for publication forever. I'm working on it, I promise.) 


  1. That design is sooooo yummy. And you look beautiful, Alex!

    1. Aww thank you :-) The light was sooo good for photos yesterday... if it hadn't been cold and raining I think I would've shot every hat in the house.

  2. This is really lovely and I always love a creative approach to shaping accessories. And yes, I think shoulderette is really a word. Though my spell checker is rejecting it soundly.

    1. Can't trust spellchecker, it's always trying to tell me "shawlette" and "Malabrigo" aren't words either. Pfffffft.

  3. Where can I get the pattern for those awesome fingerless mitts?

    1. I just have to find some time to write it up, they're photographed and ready otherwise! I'll try and get it to it sometime this month :-)


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