Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poor ole Michael Boncible, Re-Phoncible

Well that's probably my dumbest post title to date. Anyway, I have another new version of an old pattern...


It's the same as the original, except this time in Crystal Palace Mochi Plus (colors Ice Wine and Caramel Latte...which sounds like a distasteful combination but actually looks quite lovely, hehe) 


I like these pictures so much better than the originals, but with Phoncible being one of my best sellers (possibly due to the fact that it features Noro) I'm a little afraid to change them. What do you think? I suppose there's no harm in trying them on Ravelry for a bit...


(BTW- if you're getting sick of that scenery/outfit, don't worry, I think I only have one or two more things I photographed that day....)

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  1. I prefer these photos too. I don't think it will harm your sales because people will search for Noro patterns and then see yours. As these photos are better, people are just as likely to click on the pattern page as they were before, I think. That's just my two penn'orth.


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