Saturday, December 1, 2012

Chutes, and also Ladders now available!


I'm pleased to announce that the pattern for Chutes, and also Ladders is now available for individual purchase on Ravelry and Craftsy! (And through Deep South, if you are a wholesale customer.)

Just in time for a last minute gift!



Twists are magical things! They’re like cables, but less fiddly. Here, they’re used to “draw” a series of criss- crossing ribbony things, separated by eyelet ladders. The chart is very intuitive, making it much easier than it looks, and the glittery cashmere yarn can only be described as “really friggin’ luxurious.” The combination is sophisticated but light-hearted, and the hat knits up more quickly than you’d expect – perfect when you need a gift that will really wow ‘em or just a special treat for your fine self. 

This hat uses a on-the-light-side-of-DK weight yarn doubled up to make something closer to a Worsted, though you can also substitute a worsted weight yarn, of course! Pick something with a touch of healthy drape- this yarn is cashmere, but an alpaca or silk blend would give a similar effect. (It's hard to beat glittery cashmere though!) 


Check it out on Ravelry 


  1. I mean this as the nicest form of compliment: This is a hat pattern that I'm willing to pay for. Good work! (sjn821 on Rav)


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