Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Knit your way to Halloween awesomeness!

Hmm, is it too late to reasonably knit or crochet your Halloween costume? If you're me, then, yes...but maybe some of you aren't waist deep in a bunch of apocalyptic projects that need to be done by the end of the year. And for those people, I give you this round-up of yarny Halloween costumes.

(Now, I am skipping a few obvious ones like the Hallowig and Viking hats of all sorts (with and without beards,) because I know you've probably seen that stuff by now. That doesn't make them any less awesome, but let's go somewhere different for today. I am also skipping a ton of things that were pretty cool but had awful photos. Come on guys! Stop using the flash!) 

I love the heck out of this hat. I got to try it on at TNNA and it was the best thing ever. AND I'm being a deer for halloween. AND I don't have time to make it. Infuriating? Yes. But I do need to make some sort of antlers, so maybe I'll just knit the little antlers and bobby pin them on....hmmm....
(As an aside, I'm not going to do too many animal hats here, but if you Rav-search "anyanimalyoulike" + "hat" you will get like, a million hits. Bears, foxes, hippos, chickens. Go nuts. )

Ahhh-Mazing. Adult sizes too!

There are lots and lots of crown patterns of all sizes and sorts. I picked this one because this picture is super charming and I like that it's made out of real metal :-) 

Anne Marie Dunbar's freaky balaclavas are unbeatable. I advise you to go peruse. There's a devil and a goat, too. The level of sculptural detail is kind of amazing.

I know the pic is a little bit low-res but I forgave it because CROCHET STEAMPUNK MAD SCIENTIST GOGGLES.

It's easy enough to find a dinosaur-spike hat, but these gloves TURN YOUR HANDS INTO TRICERATOPSES. Triceratopsi?

Hmm, if only we had something to cover the beewwbs we'd be all set...

Ah, perfect.

And finally, since no round-up is complete without an embarrassed animal:


And if that's not yarny enough for ya, you could always go as a ball of yarn like this awesome kid. 

(I know I'm missing literally thousands of amazing costume knits/crochets (can you call them "crochets" like you can with knits?) Please feel more than free to post your favorites in the comments, I'd love to see 'em!) 

*all photos belong to the respective designers, obvs.


  1. I was going to be Kim Pine for Halloween but now I want to be a GIANT BALL OF YARN!

  2. Oh my goodness, I would totally wear that deer hat outside of Halloween. Does that make me weird? I don't care.

    In other news, I'm making the dog a shirt and tie combo to wear to work on Halloween. It's going to be all kinds of adorable!

    1. If you're weird, I'm right there with ya. Once I finally get around to making it I'm never taking it off.

      Also, please post pics of businessdog. I can't find an emoticon to properly express my anticipatory glee, but yes.


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