Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tiny Bat Has Agreed to Join My Team

Those of you who have been reading for awhile may remember that I'm a big fan of Penny Arcade. Particularly this one (click through to embiggenate):

But also, Tiny Bat. God I love Tiny Bat. I have considered having Tiny Bat emblazoned upon my flesh. Just sayin'.

So anyway, when Stacey aka FreshStitches tweeted that she was going to release a pattern for a "tiny bat" today, I immediately thought of the aforementioned.

Then she posted it. 

And I realized how very easy it would be to make Igor the tiny bat into TINY BAT.

And then I didn't get any work done today.


Eeeep!! I even had self-adhesive white felt in my studio for teeth. I consider that a sign that my day was spent doing exactly what I was supposed to do. Plus it's like, halloween, right? (Halloween is an entire season in my mind.)

(I know, the pins look painful, but don't worry- Tiny Bat is hardcore as shit.) 

A few tweaks I made in order to turn Igor into TB:

- Left the wings shallower, to more closely represent Tiny Bat's own sharply-angled appendages
- The eyes, obvs, are different.
- I added eyebrows, which was actually sort of fiddly and difficult, probably because I am a major crochet noob and was just sort of making it up as I went.
- My gauge was too loose and I was worried the stuffing would show through, so I put the stuffing inside some black fabric. It turned out better than I expected.

The pattern was easy and FAST- I had a little trouble with the self-shrinking cast on (is that even what it's called in crochet? I have no idea) because, like I said, noob... but I just jerry-rigged my own version and it worked fine. The pattern is super well-written with lots of helpful process pics. I have mad respect for what Stacey does- not just because I suck at crocheting and she's awesome at it, but because designing in 3-D is TRICKY and requires major spatial skills. Mine aren't bad- I usually get high scores on that part of the standardized test- but I know it would require me to use some serious brainpower to make animals happen like she does. (This pattern is relatively simple compared to some of her others, but the wings are ingenious.) I'm not used to crocheting or to using other people's patterns and it was still a piece of cake for the most part. (This might be the first time I've actually used a crochet pattern for more than an edging, actually. And it's definitely the first time I've bought and made a pattern the day it came out, haha.)

Anyway, lil' TB is hanging out on Trav's desk lamp now, waiting to give him a wee startle. He makes me giggle every time I look at him. Love it love it love it.


Now, back to work, dammit.


  1. Halloween IS a whole season! It starts after Labor Day! NAYSAYERS BE DAMNED!

    1. Trav gave the okay to use Halloween decorations for Christmas this year, thereby blending my two favorite holidays and finally getting to use some of those cool sparkly kitschy halloween decorations I'm so fond of.....yaaaaaay. I decided today we need a black fake tree.

  2. That's one cool tiny bat!
    Love your approach of "get it - do it' Great work :)


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