Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kickstarter Update and Fun Pictures of Relevant Stuff

Here we are, halfway through the month, so I thought it might be time for an update. As you may recall, we hit our goal on day five. The project is open to backers until the end of the month, though, so we've set some new goals- most notably, we'd love to get to $7500 because it would mean we could use some farther-away, overnight locations (travelling with a whole horde of people becomes quite a bit more expensive when they need somewhere to sleep, haha.) Specifically, we're hoping to visit the Alvord Desert:

...and the Satsop Nuclear Plant, which is particularly interesting because it was never completed and I believe you can actually go inside the cooling towers.

In the meantime, I've been taking careful stock of the costume pieces that we already have...

(as you can see, Pog is helping by making sure she's in every single shot.) well as doing some serious internet window-shopping (do you KNOW how many cool leggings are out there? SO MANY) and an absurd number of potential-outfit-sketches. I've also been wandering around Sephora and Ulta covering my arms in eyeshadows and liners, which is more amusing than it has any right to be. Then there's been some pricing out of flights and obsessively combing airbnb for somewhere affordable to stay for two weeks that doesn't have a number in its name (not that I haven't had some good times at Super 8, but if I can stay in someone's quaint little upstairs apartment for just as little, well hot damn!) And of course, I have three more patterns to finish up...

In short, much excitement!

Back over in Kickstarterville, we've still got a ton of great prizes up for grabs. Lots and lots of patterns (including the "Buy two Go Go Malabrigo ebooks, get Doomsday Knits free" deal.) Some luxury handknits, made just for you. Some kits. A fantastic zombie-fied painting. Handspun yarn by yours-truly in your choice of colors. And of course, digital and hard copies of the book. In short... a lot of goodies that will, should you choose to partake of them, help send us to some seriously cool sites. So please, kind citizens of the internet, consider kicking a dollar our way if you can, or perhaps tweeting or pinning or otherwise spreading the word about our lil' project. Every little bit gets us a little closer to mega-super-awesome. (And thank you for letting me jabber on about it so much... soon it will be all updates and no begging, I promise!)

In other news, OMFG IT'S FALL YAAAAAYYY. At least here in Michigan. There have been a few unpleasantly hot moments over the last few days but you can definitely feel the "cool and crisp" underneath. As someone who dresses for fall all year 'round, I'm pretty excited.

(Flickr pictures featured are used under the Creative Commons license. Thanks photo-people!)

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