Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doomed to mediocrity


This ball of Cascade Jewel is one of my stash's oldest residents. You can see it here, in the second post I ever made on my old knitting blog (please don't ask what happened to those half-finished designs, because I have no idea.) And at that point, it had been in my stash for quite some time.

Since I have owned this yarn:

- the shop it was purchased at closed
- I began designing
- One relationship ended, another one began, and eventually graduated to marriage
- Speaking of graduating, that happened too
- I moved from Portland to Michigan, to Ohio, to Michigan, back to Portland, and back to Michigan. This yarn has lived with me in 5 houses, 4 apartments, and a dorm room.
- I got my last dog, Rocky
- Rocky died at a ripe old age, and Rupert and Pog showed up
- The 5th through 8th Harry Potter movies happened

This yarn has been around the block a bit, quietly languishing as its peers came and went, on to better and brighter things. Over the years I've planned to make it into armwarmers, batwings, earflap hats, but it just never happened. But now, finally, I have called upon it. be an experimental prototype for a project in the book that will be published in a different yarn. Probably a half-finished one since I think there's not quite enough yardage. Sorry bud, we can't all be destined for greatness.

Free Stitch Red/Malabrigo/Vogue pattern!

Hey guys, long time, no talkies. Sorry :-( I'm a busy little bumblebee over here with the book and all!

But look! A treat! Stitch Red asked the good folks at Malabrigo to dye up a super special red yarn for their purposes, and I volunteered to provide the accompanying free pattern. It's a super simple little red Rasta hood that I call "Wolfbait" ;-)




I don't do a lot of free patterns nowadays but Stitch Red is a great cause- promoting heart disease awareness through needlework. You can get it for abso-stinkin-lutely free over on Vogue's website (though you do have to register/login to claim it. But that's free too.) And then go do some cardio.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dot Stitch Video Tutorial

A few folks have asked for a tutorial to demonstrate the dot stitch used in Rooty. Now that I've FINALLY found all the cords for my decent (well, more-than-iphone-decent) video camera, I thought I'd get on that. It's not hard to do, but it's an unusual stitch that's a little hard to describe in words.

The video quality is still not phenomenal :-/ But maybe a little better. Hopefully it's helpful!

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