Wednesday, June 6, 2012


(Our wedding cake baker gives you a free anniversary cake as part of the package, cool eh?)

A little over a year ago, I married this dude:


So far, it's been a pretty good decision.


Though I'm getting to the point where wedding planning sounds like fun again. I hope people I know start getting married and letting me make all their decisions. We talked about getting divorced and remarried every few years so we could keep having parties, but I think that would get expensive pretty fast.

Anyway, to celebrate we went on a lil' vision quest to the House on the Rock, which is a magical nightmare funscape of oddity.


And stayed in a room that was supposed to look like the moon


And ate red velvet french toast in Chicago


(it's a lot more appetizing in person.)

We also dinked around in Madison, and stopped at the Sow's Ear, which my mom has been talking about for like a year for some reason (I think she read an article about it.)


This is Travis's "Why are we in a yarn store, eat your quiche faster" face. It was good quiche.



  1. Happy Anniversary!!! I just want you to know I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award. If you choose to accept this, there are details about putting it on your blog here: If not, just accept it as a compliment. Have a great day!

  2. Happy Anniversary!

    I can't believe you like wedding planning! We pretty much avoided the entire thing as much as possible... I should have just called you ;)

  3. happy anniversary!
    now, please to be telling me more about this red velvet french toast, and where i might procure some???

    1. It was at a place called Kanela Breakfast Club in Chicago. Soooooogoooood.

  4. Awwwr, happy anniversary!
    Love the cake (yay dinosaurs!)

  5. Happy, happy anniversary! Wishing you many more.

  6. Happy Anniversary ... my guy and I just celebrated our anniversary yesterday (20 years) and it just gets better and better! xo

  7. That IS a cool deal. Great looking cake. Let me guess... red velvet? I want to say carrot cake, but that would just be an attempt a magically materialization/wish fulfillment for me.

    1. We actually went for chocolate w/ raspberry, though we had both in our real cake ;-) I love me some red velvet, but his raspberry frosting is REALLY good.

  8. Very sweet :) Congratulations :) I totally agree about the need for more parties - love them :)

  9. It was so amazing to see the fab wedding that you two had, and so much fun to see the cuteness you guys are all the time! Happy Anniversary!!
    Also, I'm so jealous about that great yarn/coffee shop! Why doesn't Seatle have that?? We are coffee city! Darn, I don't have a 1/4 million extra dollars to open my own!

  10. Yay parties! I was just thinking this morning that you guys ought to have another wedding, your first one was so fun and maybe it would mean that I'd ever get to see you again, too! Also, if I am absurd enough to get hitched someday, you can totes take the reins on the planning. With my profound relief and blessings.

  11. Wow I can't believe that was a year ago already!
    Happy Anniversary! I have never tried red velvet. I think I probably should. And I really wish we had cafe / yarn shops in the North UK. But I know my boyfriend would have the same face that Travis wears!

  12. That yarn store looks amazing!!!! So jealous! :)


  13. I'm sorry you didn't seem to enjoy your visit to the Sow's Ear. I think it is a nice shop. Friendly staff, cute set-up, and they support local/area yarns. I love how they are in the business to further that of others. I think that is larely the essence of most knitterly people.

    1. Oh *I* definitely enjoyed it! The husband gets a little bored after so much yarn-browsing though ;-) It's a cute shop, and darned tasty quiche.


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