Tuesday, March 27, 2012


It's been a big week for blog posts, eh? And two patterns! Insanity. I actually have a third ready to go but I'll try to wait a few days ;-)



Bandana in the front, cowl in the back! No ends to tie, just slip that puppy on. I picked out this Tilli Tomas Pure & Simple last year as a birthday present and have been waffling about what to do with it - pure silk can be tricky, especially worsted weight (note: "tricky" in Alex-ese means "It's not very good for hats.") I wanted to show it off and also give it enough structure that it won't totally stretch out of shape- this seems to do the trick!


(Dig the crazy rock star hair. It was windy!)


You can check out Bandana-Rama on Ravelry, here.
Or Craftsy, here.

~~~~~~~~Slightly-related Diversion~~~~~~

I had my friend Lee shoot these photos while we were exploring the weird Irish Hills region of Michigan- it's sort of a semi-wasteland of mostly-closed roadside attractions.

The photos were taken in front of these bizarre abandoned look-out towers:


But we also peeked at the abandoned Prehistoric Forest amusement park (so sad I didn't get to go here while it was open):


And don't forget the Train Car of Terror!


That one might still be operational around Halloween, I'm not sure. It's right next to the Depot of the Dead:


And a weird giant faux cowboy town that I didn't get any pictures of. I love roadside attractions, it broke my heart a little that I couldn't go into any of them (naw, we didn't break in, we're chickens. I've heard Prehistoric Forest has some hardcore security going on, too. Plus. You know. Don't break laws, you guys. Or something.)


  1. oh man...i bought that exact yarn at christmas for my mother-in-law (she's allergic to wool...blerg). i tried using it in your dandy scarf, which didn't work out very well...so i made a shawlette. which was fine, but i would have loved to make this for her...it's perfect for that yarn. maybe for her birthday??

    1. Yeah, it's a bit heavy for Dandy - worsted weight silk can be a pain in the butt, but it's so darn gorgeous!

  2. Oh my that colorway looks gorgeous and the bandana looks cozy!


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