Friday, March 16, 2012

Babies are Surprising

The day has finally come: my very first Baby Surprise Jacket (first baby sweater ever, actually) has taken form and headed 'cross the country to its currently-incubating future owner.


It's a little boyish, but I started it before the gender was known and I wanted to tempt fate in favor of a girl (it totes worked)... anyway, her mama's the progressive type ;-)


I did try to femme it up a little bit with shiny buttons.


The yarn is Malabrigo Rios in Azules and Arco Iris (one of the prettiest skeins of AI I've ever seen.) The pattern is, of course, BSJ by Elizabeth Zimmermann.


  1. All the baby things I've made and I have yet to make one of those. Is it as awesome as everyone claims?

  2. I kept f'ing it up pretty hardcore-ly, but that's my fault :-P I am terrible at working from other people's patterns sometimes, haha. (The directions ARE pretty vague sometimes but it's easy to find clarification online.) The actual knitting is easy, though, and it's cool how it folds into a sweater all magically at the end :-) Very little seaming. Hooray!

    I would have liked to have a better idea of how the stripes would fall when I was first starting it (I would've done more green, I think.) But now I know for next time ;-)

  3. That was a lovely yarn choice. We're doing a knit along with our local yarn store for the baby surprise jacket. It seems like it, or the adult version, are some of the patterns every knitter does at least once. (An exaggeration, but it seems that way sometimes)

  4. Very nice! My eldest niece (we're five months apart!) is having a boy so I really need to start cracking on making her boy a sweater. BSJ it'll be!

  5. Oh, sweet and lovely Baby Surprise! It's like origami magic.

    I'm knitting with Azules, but now that I know what Arco Iris means (rainbow), I want some of that, too...

  6. Those colors are serene and beautiful...I've never put pink on my daughter anyway.

    I'm sure you are there already, having found all the tips etc for this pattern, AFTER you have knit it!..but who likes to prep before diving into something like this anyway!??

    EZ was a supreme mathematician! she must have been a calculus god in another life..she could see in 3-D.

  7. It's not boy-ish at all, it just doesn't involve pink. Believe me, her mama will be glad to have at least one thing in the wardrobe that's not pink.

  8. Gotta love those progressive mama-types ;-)
    You are a peach, lady!

  9. I think the colors of this sweater work well for either gender. Any baby would look cute in this great combo of Rios!

    I've yet to knit BSJ or Feb Baby, but both are on my list to knit at some point.


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