Saturday, March 3, 2012

ACM Follow-up

Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for all the positive response to my post about KAL/ACM. There have been a few interesting developments, but rather than rehash them I'm going to point you to Joyuna's newest post.

Best of luck to all of you waiting to get paid, get refunds, get samples, or get, well, anything. Don't give up :-)

And because I promised yarn and joy......


Upcoming hat (testing opening soon, I just need to get 'er typed up.)


Malabrigo Porn (that's Arroyo in VAA and Glitter, and the new limited-edition Finito in Glitter- it's the same super-softest-top-notch merino as Darla, but fingering weight. Should be hitting stores this spring and there's not much of it, so if you see some, grabgrabgrab!) The color balance is really weird but the yarn is accurate, haha. I'm working on some really exciting stuff with Malabrigo but I can't really tell you about any of it yet... suffice to say, I'm very excited about next year's Freelance Pattern Project line-up (if you're not familiar with the program, it's a monthly ebook collaboration between Malabrigo and an indie designer or two) and we have a new program starting in April that's going to be pretty neat.


My sister's cat with bread on her face.


A baby cow eating an ice cream cone. (I'm pretty sure that they're not supposed to have ice cream, but y'know, I'm also pretty sure he was going to be eaten soon. So I feel ok about it.)


I think he likes it.


  1. If it's a dairy cow, it would not end up as food. :D At least food for humans. I dunno what happens to dairy cows when the get too old to produce milk.

  2. It was a male calf at a dairy farm... so I'm not sure what happens to them, but I don't think they get to stick around :-(

  3. What colorway is the test hat knit in? Or should I wait for the pattern? Thank you!

  4. Noelle- the sample is knit in Madelinetosh Worsted in Filigree and Earl Gray, but the test knits can be knit in any worsted weight. If you're interested in test knitting, I generally post the calls in my Ravelry group, here:

    I hope to have it up sometime in the next week :-)


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