Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Station Hat!

Yay it's a pattern! It's..... hats!!



Pick your weight (DK or Worsted), pick your decreases (Cross or Swirl), put 'em together and put it on yer head. And barely a purl, I promise!



(Side note photo tip: Don't take photos in the dang snow. Your camera underexposes everything and you squint a lot. Grumble.)

The name comes from the "Relaxation Station", where I was waiting for a delightful chair massage while dreaming this up. Anyway... these hats have quickly risen to the top of the wearing-pile! The worsted one especially is quite cozy.

PS: Totes cute outfit yeah? I am embracing the shorts-with-tights-and-boots trend pretty wholeheartedly. Otherwise I never wear shorts. That gauzy shirt is a little weird though.



  1. Love it!!! I have a skein of malabrigo worsted that I wanted to make a hat out of but didn't have a specific pattern in mind yet. Found it. Thank you :) Great job!!

  2. This is so cute! But I'm perplexed by your promise of minimal purling... is it not garter-stitch in the round? Or inside-out stockinette? I'm working on an in-the-round garter stitch rim and it's taking forever for some reason! I guess the fact that I'm using DK/worsted on US3 needles doesn't help ;(

  3. It is indeed reverse stockinette...but it's done sneakily ;-)

  4. I love your tights! Where do you get them?

  5. @Kim: On sale in some shop in Portland, but I think they're these:

    (aaand now I've found like 15 more pairs of $30 tights I want. Dangit!)


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