Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Studio Tour!

I feel silly doing this, but I love seeing other people's studio spaces and how they organize them... so I thought I'd return the favor. Complete with extremely nauseating camerawork!

(Sorry, it's an iPhone, what d'ya expect? I still need to buy a new charger for my real video camera. Apparently they are kind of expensive. Who knew?)


  1. Fun to watch! And good to see that you have all kinds of random stuff in your space too :-)

  2. Beyond blair witch! You can get a super cheap older Canon sx110IS they film really well! Might be cheaper than a charger cord?

    I braved the tour. Loved it! The comment about being isolated, I understand. I work from home too! Travis has some pretty ombre yarns.

  3. Yay studio tour! That was fun. I love the little flaggies and your box shelf thing.
    Alas, I don't have my own studio (yet?)... I just have supplies stashed in in my room, and in my living room, plus all over my parents' house. Guh.

  4. Aww! I love your studio! Sadly, my would be studio has a 3 year old in it. Haha! I'm not an evil mother really, I do kinda like having him in there. Just gets annoying when my stash has no real home and is literally stashed around my house in various nooks and crannies.


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