Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's play catch-up!

I have been very bad bad bad about updating the last few months- I'm tempted to blame my computer, which keeps refusing to work very well (hopefully I'll have a replacement pretty soon.) But it's probably more my own fault.

So anyway, let's see, what's been happening...

1. A small thing, but I meant to show it off...splurged on a sweet new Namaste bag (the mini-messenger.) I saw these at TNNA and kinda fell in love. I've had it on order at Twisted since summer. Hooray!


2. I recently took over the Project Coordinator position at Malabrigo! You guys may know Hannah- she was the gal handling this stuff before, but recently moved on to a swanky new gig, and I'm pleased as punch to be taking over some of her duties. It will give me a chance to work with all sorts of wonderful designers and flex some creative muscles - very exciting! All from the comfort of my pjs. Which, today, are Travis's new Christmas pjs, which he hasn't even gotten to wear yet. They are cozy.

3. I did a craft fair! Just a little local gig (I don't make much stuff to sell, in general, so once a year or less is just about right for me) but it was a lot of fun and helped me buy quite a few Christmas presents, haha. Here's Travis manning the table (he made and sold some seriously good toffee, remind me to post the recipe next time he makes it):


4. And of course, Christmas time! Probably my favorite time. Lots of friends and family in town, lots of tasty food and time off and sparkly things and PRESENTS. I only wish this crazy snow we're getting today had turned up a few days ago. Geez.


Our little tabletop tree. The better for avoiding dog-tastrophe.



My favorite ornament- a unicorn I picked out when I was very wee.


A super crazyjellyfishrainbowglowtank from my niece & nephew (endlessly entertaining.)


Travis and I got each other shoes, quite unbeknownst to each other. His have Batman, mine have warmth.


Cross-stitch iphone case! I'm so excited! I have no idea what to stitch on it, though. I'm thinking something sort of bright and Scandinavian-inspired.


Tattoo money for Travis!


BASTARDINO!!!!!!! He's a weird Toki-Doki art-toy. I LOVE HIM.


It's difficult to get a dog to model earmuffs. FYI.


Shiny-baby-Christmas Le Creusets. I'm hoping to rope Travis into making me some souffles and mini cheesecakes.


The awesomest thing ever. It is huge, and plastic, and it is now on our wall.
Check out how excited my sister is (in the corner):


There's another present to show you but I think we're going to make a little game out of it. A game with prizes. The best kind of game. Mwahaha!!!! So we'll get to that later. Hope you're all having wonderful holidays, whichever ones you celebrate :-)


  1. Congrats on the job with Malabrigo!

  2. Oooh, I'm so excited you're officially "with" Malabrigo now! Go you! Looks like your Christmas was fab, and I'm totally jealous of that cross-stitch iPhone case. :)

  3. Looks like you had a great Christmas and I'm exciting to hear that you are taking over Hannah's job with Malabrigo! (sjn821)


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