Sunday, December 4, 2011


I hope, despite my crappy posting history of late, you'll permit me a gratuitous dog post.

'Cause exactly 1 year ago today, we brought these monsters into our lives:



Back then, they were a bit scruffier. Rupert was definitely skinnier (he may have overcompensated, just a little.) I'm not sure they were quite so good at using pillows like humans. Pog barfed in the car on the ride up, and ran around in circles whining for three days. Rupert snarled at me when I tried to stop him from licking his neuter stitches (they were infected- turns out the shelter didn't exactly take him to the best vet around. He had to have them totally redone a few days later, poor chap.) Things haven't been boring since. No more snarling, thankfully. Plenty more barfing and whining. Mostly from Pog.

Just for kicks, I uploaded a few videos from my phone:

(She did that for at least an hour, no joke. I eventually had to pop them while she was outside so she'd let it go.)

...and this is the abuse we wake up to everyday. Usually there's more hitting-faces-with-claws.

Alright, enough of that. We're off to DUCF! I promise I'll get a real post up soon- I've got plenty of things in the pipeline but my studio is just so darn cold, I haven't edited any pictures or formatted any patterns in a month. Stupid winter.


  1. <3 dogs! it is so great that you gave those two sweet pups a good home. adopting is the best!

  2. A quick THANK YOU! I discovered your "show-off" scarf pattern while meandering through the Web and needing a simple pattern to match up with a slouch hat knit in chenille....and yours was perfect! Happy Holidays and thanks again!!


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