Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bauble Cowl

Malabrigo + pompoms + reversible + really, really fast to make =



It just makes you want to hug a weird pillar, what can I say.


The good news is, you can probably whip out at least two before the holidays! (If you're aiming for Hannukah you'll have to work a little bit faster, but I believe in you.) Last minute gift knitters, rejoice!



  1. GAH! I love it!!! Now, if only I felt the least bit inclined to make that many pompoms...

  2. It's wonderful. Just love Alex. Now who to rope into pompom making.

  3. Thanks guys!

    You guys should get your hands on some of these:

    They really cut down the drudgery that is pompom making, haha.

  4. Those baubles are such a great idea, they look fantastic!!

  5. I've come across your blog a couple times and found you to be very advocatory on plagiarism, which seems quite hypocritical since you seemed to have stolen this design from a japanese knitting pattern book that was published in october of 2009 called Knit Friends Volume 2.

    sorry to put you on the spot but I too am an activist for copyright laws and feel that it is unfair to false advertise as you have done.

    1. How funny! I've never seen that magazine before (I don't usually look at the Japanese craft magazines since I can't read them and all- I don't even think I can get them around here.) They are similar though- but I assure you it's a coincidence :-) You'd be surprised how often simultaneous designs come up- we're all being influenced by the same fashion trends and what not, I suppose. This was actually inspired by a one of those pom-pom edged fabric scarves that was ombre dyed (I think- maybe color blocked?) so the two ends were different colors. Let me see if I can find what I mean...
      ^^ very much like that, but multicolored.

      Anyway, I saw a girl wearing it and thought the layered effect with the pom poms was cool around her neck, and tried to figure out how to translate it into a knitting pattern.

      FWIW, though, the copyright laws in my country (the US) don't actually prevent anyone from taking an idea and working it up on their own- hence all the fashion knock-offs that you see. I avoid doing that as I think it's lazy, but it's not plagiarism or a copyright law violation in the US.

    2. (That is very frustrating though. I even did a search on Ravelry for pom pom cowls (I usually do a little bit of a search before I pursue a design) and it didn't come up. Arg.)


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