Saturday, October 8, 2011

Rimple Pattern Available

Pattern! Hat! Welted!



Sorry, I'm borderline incoherent today, I ate way too many of these. But you get the idea- the third welted hat pattern is out! It's name is Rimple, and it wants to be your friend. Like Eudora, it's made with scrumptious Tosh Vintage, with a little accent of Happy Fuzzy Yarn (what a name, eh? Kinda sums it all up.)

You can get some more info over down yon Ravelry, ici.
Or, if my oh-so-eloquent sales pitch has swayed you:


  1. I love all these! Will you be creating a special welted hat deal for all three? (oh please please please?)

  2. When the series is done there will probably be some kind of bundle :-) But there will be more than three (at least four, maybe five.)

  3. Would it be easy to make a no-buttons version of this? My boyfriend likes the hat but thinks the buttons are "too girly".

  4. Yes, you could do a seam instead of the buttons, you'd just want to skip the whole buttonhole section probably. And there's a part where you move the join around to the back of the hat, away from where the buttons are- you'd probably want to skip that too and keep the join by the seam :-)


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