Sunday, October 2, 2011

Klingy Girl

The second welted hat pattern has landed! And it's a strange one. But in a good way.


Klingy Girl (so named because it reminds me of wrinkly Klingon foreheads) has two differently-scaled welted sections, either of which can be worn to the front, back, or side, making it effectively 3 hats in one. The welts force the hat into a lovely slouch with very little effort on your part. It's edged with a row of contrasting single crochet. Shown here in Malabrigo Worsted Chapel Stone, edged with Paris Night (or, um, possibly Tortuga. It was a scrap, it's hard to tell!)





Sorry for all the pictures, it's hard to show all the angles, haha.

Anywho, you can find Klingy Girl on Ravelry

(pssst! There's a video tutorial on the welt stitch here. Might come in handy!)


  1. Just had to log on and say, I freaking LOVE what you named it. I'll think of Wharf every time I see these pictures now...

  2. What a great concept and great photos! I always love the small details of your designs -- fun!


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