Saturday, September 3, 2011


...who went to the fair and got piggy snot on her hand but it was totally worth it because !!PIGGY!! ?

(That wouldn't all fit in the title bar. But the answer is me.)


I would let this little piggy get snot on my hands any day. As long as he keeps wiggling that weird little flat nose back and forth and going "grrrntgrrnt."

I mean look at this butt:


It's almost enough to make me write off bacon. Almost.

Other things at the fair that are cute:


Baby wool tree


Baby Squeeeeeeeeee!s


Baby Cashmeres (kinda)


A chicken who got left in the dryer without a static sheet.


The absolute handsomest bunny I've ever seen.


Vincent VanGoat (not kidding.)


Some sort of... STD + burn victim + tumor + thanksgiving.


I would not let this creature snot on me, as her nose is not as cute as the piggy's. But check out the tongue:


Like a giraffe or something.

Of course there were other things at the fair, like fried food and noise, but I didn't really partake (we were there too early for the fried oreo booth to be open, sadly.) I always sort of think about entering some yarn or knitting or something into the judging, but then I remember that first prize is like four bucks, and that's not enough to motivate me off my ass, so instead I just go look at the winners and reassure Travis that I could TOTALLY beat that, you know, if I WANTED to...


  1. So many cute baby animals!!! EEeee. That is indeed a handsome bunny. The turkey (?) ugggghhh. Poor thing.

  2. That little piggy is so dang cute!!! Agh.

    ...and fried oreos?? OMG. is this a new thing, or what?!

  3. When I was in Georgia (the country) I let a calf lick my hands and it was so so so cute. However, the only bathing option in that little mountain village was two little tanks of water with a faucet attached. I conveniently (and actually) forgot about this when filling out the US re-entry form on the plane that asked, "were you near any farm animals?". What? What farm animals? You mean that adorable calf that licked me?

  4. @Sarah Bear: Ewwww haha. They had Purell and I was three blocks from my house, so the piggysnot was not too concerning ;-P It's kinda crazy that you were in Georgia though.

    @TW I don't know if they're new exactly, but they seem to be the sole domain of county fairs and one food cart in Portland. They are about as heinously delicious as they sound, and kind of make you want to die about as much as you'd expect.

    @Cassy Hey, that turkey was a champion! He is so totally gonna get eaten in a month, but at least he got to win a ribbon, which is every turkey's dream, I'm pretty sure.


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