Thursday, August 11, 2011

Video Tutorials: Seamless Hem and Welt Stitch

So I made these two tutorials to go along with a pattern that I've got in testing at the moment (should be out soon!) But of course they can be applied to other projects as well.

(Sneak peek of the project in the videos ;-) )


On a related note: I've received the sad news that a pattern extremely similar to the hat you see in those videos was released a few days ago. This sort of thing is a nightmare for designers- we don't know if it's a coincidence or not, we CAN'T know, and indeed even if we did know, there would be nothing we could do about it. But I did want you guys to know that this pattern has been in the pipeline for months- photos of the finished hat were submitted to a shop-hop that was looking for a "signature design" several months ago, and the call for testers went up July 31st (which is also when I made the videos.) I have, perhaps, been unwise to be so public about my designs-in-progress, and I think I'll probably have to change the way I go through this process. Coincidences happen all the time, but at least if you've kept the project under wraps, you'll know that that's what it is. I like doing sneak peeks, and would be sad not to, but it's worse to end up releasing a pattern that's already been released by someone else while you were finishing up.

My biggest concern is that people might mistakenly believe that I am copying the other designer, which would be absolutely awful. So, I just wanted you to know :-)


  1. What I love most about these videos (esp. the integrated hem one with the provisional cast-on) is that it reveals that sometimes even the most talented designers and knitters do, as you put it, 'just fudge it'. There's so many aspects of knitting that I realise, normally when I'm teaching someone else, I've just been kind of winging it all this time. Sometimes you know how things SHOULD work, but you have your own way of working, and as long as the finished product looks great who cares how you got there?! Anyway... I always have trouble with provisional cast ons, and end up having to unweave the yarn from my first row, and I'm sure it looks like I don't know what I'm doing, but it all works out in the end!

    I understand your concern about similar patterns. Remember though, that there's a lot more to a pattern than the design. Some people provide better written instructions, put in little personal touches eg. stories about the pattern inspiration, or have different finishing touches, that set them apart from what else is out there. You've put out a ton of (gorgeous) patterns and I hope no-one suspects you of shenanigans. The finished hat looks lovely, I love the contrasting hem, and I've knit ruched hats before but it wouldn't stop me buying more patterns! x

  2. Hey Alex,
    I have seen the hat on Ravelry that you are talking about. I have to say that yours looks much much better. The quality alone looks 100%.
    I also noticed that the "designer" has at least one other hat that is very similar to someone else on Rav. Seems she doesn't have too much integrity.
    I don't think anyone would suspect you of pinching ideas. You have made some truly beautiful patterns and have a very obvious talent.
    Don't let the bastards get you down :)


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