Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Video Tutorial- Triple-stranding-as-you-go!

One more for the upcoming pattern ;-) This is a great way to turn a lightweight yarn into a heavier weight one, without winding a bunch of strands up together or using multiple balls.

Sorry if I sound less enthused than usual (yes, Alex, because you're usually downright bubbly on camera.) Something in my studio has decided to give off a wretched perfumey aroma that is making my sinuses explode (I think it's one of the built-in drawers that I organized yesterday- must've been used to store colognes or had potpourri in it or something. Seriously, wtf is with potpourri? It never smells good.) Ugh ugh! But the good news is that the pattern should be ready today or tomorrow ;-) If my brain doesn't melt out of my nose first.


  1. Wow, so simple and obvious (if you've navajo plied, which I've done many times), why did I never think of it?! I've dealt with holding three strands together several times, getting the balls all twisted, so annoying. This is genius!

  2. I wish I could take credit for it, but I know I saw a video on it SOMEWHERE...

  3. Very cool! I am a notorious double strand ball winder, and while I actually enjoy winding yarn into balls this way will save the yarn that I don't end up using so I don't have tons of leftover double wound balls of yarn all over the place. woo hoo!


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