Sunday, July 31, 2011

Video Tutorial- Knitting Back Backwards

So, I do this weird thing where instead of purling whole rows, I knit them backwards. Which means...well, the video explains it. I taught myself on a whim a few years ago and for some reason it stuck- I like doing it more than regular purling. I always forget that I'm a weirdo until someone gives me a crazy look :-P

Related: I finally figured out how to build a tripod mount for my ipod. Yes, I could have bought one by now. No, I didn't. I'll be putting up a tutorial shortly on my brand-new-not-yet-started-polycraftual-blog. Eeeep, I've said too much!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mailing List Giveaway Winner!

Remember how I said I'd randomly be giving prize packs to people on my mailing list? Well I picked the first winner a few weeks ago! Congrats Heather!


This picture is possibly the worst I've ever taken, but the prize pack included:
A skein of handspun merino
A skein of Schaeffer Andrea in Empress Wu Zhao
Some stitch markers
Food with faces stickers! (I love anthropomorphic food. Couldn't tell you why.)
A sequiny-flower thing patch
Some buttons, some of which are dinosaurs

Heather, being some kinda crazy nice person, sent me a sweet thank you note with a few goodies of my own!



Local alpaca goat puppet? Hell yes!!

Anyway, if you would like to win fabulous yarny prizes someday in the future, and you don't mind me emailing you when new patterns come out (and ONLY when new patterns come out, promise!) then you should consider joining the mailing list by clicking right here ;-)

In other news, I've finished up most of my secret knittings for other people... so now I'm back to the secret knittings for myself. At least I can potentially show sneak peeks of those ones. I also had [what I think is] a brilliant idea for some free patterns- we'll see when I get to that, haha.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Yellow Storm

Happy 4th, Americans. I don't generally do much to celebrate but I believe I'm eating some barbeque, so, yay.

We had the craziest storm ever the other day- everything got dark and turned a weird sickly green-yellow color, fading to golden and then to sort of pink-yellow as sunset came on. I snapped a few (understatement) pictures...




"The air... it tastes like... mosquitoes...."








My wide angle filter makes everything sort of cloudy...but I had to include the picture of Travis in the street in his underwear, my coat, and nothing else but a glass of whiskey. He is a gentleman.



Sunday, July 3, 2011


So I guess I can show this off now- this was my pattern for Twisted's Single Skein Club (June edition.)




The pattern will be available to the general public in a couple of months (for now it's exclusive to the club...which I bet you can still join, if you want to receive an awesome yarn and pattern every other month! I think you get the "back-issues" if you join late, too.) It's on Ravelry here, if you want to see the gorgeous Cumparsita version that Twisted used!

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