Thursday, June 23, 2011

We are living in a Namaste world, and I am a Namaste girl...

(I suppose a "Namaste Girl" would be more into, like, yoga...but hey. A Namaste World sounds nice.)

Look at all the goodies that have been showing up here lately!!


I WON that Namaste Bitty Bag from Laura Nelkin's blog! I've been pining away for a Namaste bag of my very own, and I am SO EXCITED. Plus it's a good purse size, so it might just be my purse now. Thanks Laura!!

As for the yarns... well, you'll see ;-)


  1. So lucky! That bag is a beauty :)

  2. Lucky you...I lurve Namaste and have just purchased my 5th bag! I have Hermosa in olive, Laguna in pink, Zuma in eggplant, classic hip holster in peacock, and the newest Monroe in Lime...I Lurve the Hermosa, and not really the Laguna...square handles hurt!


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