Friday, June 10, 2011

Mmmm mmmm

This pile of yarn may or may not have something to do with my project in the upcoming Malabrigo Book 4.



And now, I am on my way to TNNA! I don't have a booth, though some samples of mine will be up at the Deep South booths. Do say hi if you see me wandering around, though!


  1. speaking of piles of yarn...i think i left one at your house! also, i love those greys and golds.

  2. what are the colors of those skeins?

  3. @Vivian- I thought I was supposed to mail those to you anyway. Which I totally will. Eventually. ;-)

    @Leah, ooh there's a bunch- Natural, Pearl, Frost Gray, Polar Morn, Simply Taupe, Applewood, Pigeon, Chapel Stone...I'm sure there's another I'm forgetting.

  4. I just looked at your wedding photos and I so love them! It was like stills from a very hip movie. You two are so adorable! I love how original your wedding was, and I wish you many years of happiness!
    Yes, I love the yarn porn as well, but just had to say how lovely the wedding was!!

  5. Oooh... pretty! Nothing like complementary shades of Malabrigo to get a girl excited! ;-) Looking forward to seeing what you create with them...


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