Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Do fish really see this way?

You know what's fun? these.

(I have the wide angle one.)


(dear pal Aaron)


(Travis's parents, being somewhat perplexed by what I'm doing, and probably wondering why I'm doing it at the dinner table.)


Heh. heh. Did I post that hat yet? It looks like this:

....yeah. I like it, though, for some reason. Heh. It's some handspun yarn from, I think, Maiden Skeins roving, courtesy of last fall's trip to Oregon Flock & Fiber.

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  1. Cool pix. LOL at your giant eye! And you are in Gourmet Garden! I used to live down the road-ish on S. 7th. Almond chicken was my fave. Ahh good ol' Ann Arbor...


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