Friday, April 22, 2011


Just had to share my excitement- I finally got a distributor for physical patterns!

Dull Roar on Deep South Fibers

Deep South also handles people like Ysolda, Stephen West, The Shetland Trader, and like a bajillion other super fabulous designers, so I'm pretty jazzed to be part of their line-up :-) The ebooks aren't available yet but we're figuring out a way to print them out as neato cute little pattern booklets, so that's pretty exciting too!

If you have a favorite yarn store (especially one that already carries patterns by some of those designers, 'cause that probably means they already work with Deep South) feel free to give 'em a gentle nudge ;-) ;-)

...and if YOU own a yarn store, well then, let's talk, baby. Did I mention how nice you look today?

And now I'm going to go watch the first half of Harry Potter & the Last Book Of The Series (whatevertheheckitscalled) so I can see the second one when it comes out.
Miss nerdy fangirl face is pretty excited. Clearly.


  1. Congratulations! And I liked this movie, as opposed to the last one...which I hated!

  2. you lucky (and amazingly talented) dog! and congrats to you too, alex!

  3. Congratulations! That is super exciting news.

    I really love your designs...I've been itching to make Wabbit Season for the past couple of months. Now I have to wait til fall :(

    And HP 7.1 is pretty good, in my opinion.

  4. It was enjoyable- unfulfilling, though, as first-halves-of-things are bound to be. I like the new director, and how everything's all dark and spooky now, haha.

  5. Since I'm not a knitter, I feel the need to represent those readers who find this picture of your dog terrifying. I thought it was photoshopped.


  6. She is pretty terrifying. Animals + flash photos = whoa.


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