Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stripe Your Fancy!

Finally!! Internet access AND a new pattern!


This shawl has three sizes - the purple/blue one is the large, and is a sort of mushy ruffly starfish shape, and the gold/silver one is the small, a standard triangle. The middle one isn't shown, but it's like a split square- you can see it here.

It also has two edgings. And you can even change up the striping and do as many colors as you want, and you only ever have to weave in two ends per color! Handy, eh?



(we call that one "Blue Steel.")


(I'm not sure what we call that one.)

You can See it on Ravelry here


And just an FYI- the folks on my mailing list got a discount code on this pattern AND are eligible for fabulous random prizes of the yarn-pattern-stitch markers sort, which I will hand out at my whimsy! If you want to join the Very-Important-Knitter list and also get discounts/freebies/fabulous prizes, you can sign up by clicking here!

(Don't worry, I only send things out when new patterns are released, and I'll never sell your information, not even for a gabjillion dollars.)


  1. Wow, that is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours in the top shawl!

  2. Yay! I have been waiting for this pattern! It's so lovely. Expect a Rav Message soon, lady.

  3. beautiful!! the yarns you chose are amazing. great job!!

  4. i love the shawl! and i love my, er, your new studio! ;) jealous, silly.


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