Friday, April 22, 2011


Just had to share my excitement- I finally got a distributor for physical patterns!

Dull Roar on Deep South Fibers

Deep South also handles people like Ysolda, Stephen West, The Shetland Trader, and like a bajillion other super fabulous designers, so I'm pretty jazzed to be part of their line-up :-) The ebooks aren't available yet but we're figuring out a way to print them out as neato cute little pattern booklets, so that's pretty exciting too!

If you have a favorite yarn store (especially one that already carries patterns by some of those designers, 'cause that probably means they already work with Deep South) feel free to give 'em a gentle nudge ;-) ;-)

...and if YOU own a yarn store, well then, let's talk, baby. Did I mention how nice you look today?

And now I'm going to go watch the first half of Harry Potter & the Last Book Of The Series (whatevertheheckitscalled) so I can see the second one when it comes out.
Miss nerdy fangirl face is pretty excited. Clearly.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Most Bespeckled Hat!

I. Love. This. Hat. I wear it constantly. Something about Frank Ochre + polka dots just lights my fire.




To summarize the key talking points:
Malabrigo Worsted!
Easy stranded colorwork!
Brim can be worn up or down!
Sexy double decreases!
aaaand POMPOM!


Check it out on Ravelry here

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Studio

This is probably like the fourth time I've done a "oh hey look, new studio!" post, but hopefully this one will be around for at least a few years (though I'm going to repaint at some point, and probably take pictures- you have been warned.)



This one has wood floors, and I lovelovelove them.



And it's BIG. And I finally have a couch. It's our ONLY couch, and the living room is quite sparse at the moment, but studios > living rooms.



I need a lens with a wider angle. Hmm. My wide angle attachment shots look like this:



But you get the idea ;-) If you want, you can see some crappy shots from before it was filled with stuff, to give an idea of the scale:

(hehe, fucht.)

I need to decide how to paint it... I want something bright and warm for photos, so I'm leaning towards either Dusty-ish or Sunset-ish. (Yes, the Malabrigo colorways. Hush.)

The closet is also amazing, but I'll show you that later... anyone want to hazard a guess as to just how many hats I have in there?

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stripe Your Fancy!

Finally!! Internet access AND a new pattern!


This shawl has three sizes - the purple/blue one is the large, and is a sort of mushy ruffly starfish shape, and the gold/silver one is the small, a standard triangle. The middle one isn't shown, but it's like a split square- you can see it here.

It also has two edgings. And you can even change up the striping and do as many colors as you want, and you only ever have to weave in two ends per color! Handy, eh?



(we call that one "Blue Steel.")


(I'm not sure what we call that one.)

You can See it on Ravelry here


And just an FYI- the folks on my mailing list got a discount code on this pattern AND are eligible for fabulous random prizes of the yarn-pattern-stitch markers sort, which I will hand out at my whimsy! If you want to join the Very-Important-Knitter list and also get discounts/freebies/fabulous prizes, you can sign up by clicking here!

(Don't worry, I only send things out when new patterns are released, and I'll never sell your information, not even for a gabjillion dollars.)

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