Thursday, March 24, 2011


First, an apology for the lack of blog posts and pattern releases- not having internet is really messing with my workflow. But we're moving soon and I've got a major backlog of patterns to get tested/formatted/released, so things will look up soon.

But for the time being, I have to show off these:


These are Spindleshanks' Lifeline Mittens, which I had the great pleasure of testing for Miss Vivian, using the gooorrrgeous yarn she gave me as a going-away present when we moved last fall (a good thing, too, 'cause all my handspun is too chunky for these lovelies.) I didn't get a great picture of it on my hands, but they have a really cool gusset that sort of resembles the lifeline on your palm:


I also love the neato garter-eyelet "bracelet" around the wrists (you know how I like my garter eyelets.) That Vivian girl, she's got a fabulous eye for detail.


I knit them both in like a day and a half, too- they freakin' flew by. Is this what it's like knitting from other people's patterns? I should do it more often. Anyway, you can find 'em on Ravelry here, if you're so inclined. And let me tell you, if you're sitting on a special little skein of handspun, these are just the thing. They feel so gooood.


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