Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wind yourself up a big hank o' Me!

I've always harbored this weird little... vanity, I guess you'd call it, wherein I secretly wish for things to be named after me. Perhaps a song (I looked SO HARD in high school for songs about girls named Alex. There aren't many) or a newly discovered disease, or....dare I to dream?.... a colorway of yarn.

(Image by Black Trillium Fibre Studio)

Today, my wish comes true! A few months ago, Melanie of Black Trillium Fibres approached Twisted about doing a series of colorways based on the Twisted crew, and had each of us fill out a questionnaire about our personalities, likes/dislikes, favorite colors, etc. Star and I were lucky enough to be the first colors released! (I'm especially lucky, since I'm not even there anymore :-( )

You can read more about it on the Black Trillium Site and see Star's gorgeous color too! I've already ordered one of each. Heh.

(You can also check out Mel's shop here: Black Trillium Etsy Shop
She's got tons of fantastic stuff, even if you don't want to collect-'em-all, with regards to the Twisted gals. Pictures don't do the colors justice- they're always so deep and rich and mmmmm!)


  1. I love when products are named after people! Great colors.

    Thought I'd finally say hello. I really enjoy reading your blog; you're super funny. I also admire your knitting and love the gorgeous colors you choose.

    :) Hannah

  2. You're beautiful! And so is the yarn. What a great idea.


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