Saturday, January 1, 2011


Warning: Boring, poorly-formatted self-indulgent post with no good pictures.

I don’t usually do the whole new-years-resolution stuff, because I never keep them and I usually forget them immediately. But a few years ago I decided to try the “101 in 1001” project, where you get 1001 days to finish your 101 goals. So I figure now is a good time to reorganize what’s left of those and see what’s what so I can work on them before the deadline (September 2011! Ack!) At some point I moved them over to (from the separate blog they were originally on) but that’s clearly not working out that well, since I spent the morning typing in “” and “” and grumbling a lot about where the hell they were hiding it. (ie- I haven’t been to the site since I set it up. Ha.)

So here’s what’s left of the original list.

1. Re-learn French, or at least buy some tapes.
2. Re-learn piano a little (I think my parents are going to let me take their old keyboard, so that’s good.

Career/Work related
1. I’m hereby dropping ‘put together a line of recycled products’ cause that’s not going to happen, I’ve changed direction since then. But I’m replacing it with “Get your damn Michigan business paperwork turned in” now that all my Oregon licensing and stuff is expiring.
2. Going to drop “Join Trillium Artisans” since I’m no longer in Portland. Replacing it with “Finish all the half-done projects and patterns surrounding me before starting anything else.” This one actually kind of IS a new year’s resolution.
3. Join Trunkt. I don’t know if it makes sense for me to do this, but I’ll leave it on just in case.
4. Talk to shops about consignment. I’ve actually got some stuff in a shop in Chelsea, so I guess I get to check this one off. Yay! Though I also want to start making more spinning batts, and I should talk to some shops about those.
5. Try the Saturday Market…. That’s also a Portland one, so, no dice. Oops. I’ll replace it with… do some craft fair somewhere here.
6. Be self-employed full time. I sort of am, now, in that I don’t have another job, but I think it has to be sustainable to count.


1. Buy a moleskine and fill it. I think I meant this in an art-journal kind of way, but instead I filled one with knitting designs, so y’knowwhat? I’mma count it.
2. Knit up my stash. (Hahahahah. Yeah. Right. Well, maybe now that I don’t work at a yarn store, I’ve got a shot. But I doubt it.)
3. Finish “Wreck that Journal”. I think I gave the journal away. So pah, it’s done.
4. Make my dog a coat. This makes me really sad since it was intended for Rocky, but I guess he would’ve hated a coat anyway. The new ones are young enough that I don’t feel bad about humiliating them, though.
5. Begin working seriously on a book. I don’t know, do ebooks count? I’m going to say that the collection I’m starting on with Vivian counts, but I won’t check it off til it’s done-ish.
6. Model for a good photographer. Eh, I’ve decided I don’t really care about this. I’ll just count our wedding photographer.
7. Start making photomanipulations again. Eh, don’t care about this either. I’ll change it to “learn more photoshop tricks” and leave it at that.
8. Improve self-portraiture skills. Probably a good thing to do, given how many hats I model.
9.Take photos in Death Valley. Sadly this probably won’t happen by September
10. 365 day challenge. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried this and I just flat out suck at it. And now I don’t even have 365 days left. I’ll just try to take more photos in general. Heh.
11. Start working on coffee table book projects. Honestly, I don’t even remember what these were anymore, but it sounds like it could be fun?
12. Make a quilt. Yes.
13. Paint something. I’m sure I must’ve done this at some point…but now I’ve given away all my paints. Hrm.
14. Sew myself some skirts.
15. Try natural dyeing. Hmm….I probably won’t do this either, it’s messy and I don’t really dye anymore.
16. Learn Crewel. I guess I’ve done a little of this….hmm.
17. Print fabric. What?
18. Learn naalbinding
19. Make some stuff for charity (I’ve donated a lot of yarn but I guess that doesn’t really count.)
20. Do the Ravelry Photo Assignments

Health and Whatnot

1. Build up my alcohol tolerance again
2. Find a way to actually do yoga regularly
3. Do my damned PT exercises (I think I want to try and attend this program in Wisconsin that gives you better exercises based on the specific curvature of your spine…but then, I totally need to DO those.)
4. Try a hot rock massage (gave the kit away, dammit.)

General enrichment
3. Mentoring? (probably not now… I’m 1-2 hours away from any real urban area.)
4. Kiva loan
5. Send something to Postsecret
7. Volunteer with animal rescue (ack, I was totally going to foster, then we accidentally got two dogs. It’s still a possibility, but not til they’re older. I’ll have to see if there’re any rescue orgs nearby with other things I could do. Too bad the humane society is like 50 minutes away.)

1. Find or create a knitting group (unlikely out here, darn. Maybe when I’m closer to Ann Arbor.)
2. Interact with far-away friends at least once a month if not more often
3. Write at least 10 cards/letters per year, Christmas ok. (Fail fail fail fail.)
4. Plan a bitching wedding (workin on it)

1. Learn to spin poi (I have them, but fat chance)
2. Learn to hoop dance
3. Try blond
4. Explore Forest Park (in… Portland. Fail.)
5. Get a credit card (grumble)
6. Swap the Mini for a car that doesn’t break so freaking often
7. Switch banks (ASAP, since Chase is about to start screwing everyone big time.)
8. Clean out/organize computer files
9. Organize mp3s (eh)
10. Get a manicure every 6 months (fail…but I’m very due for one.)
11. Go through stuff at my parents house, toss the crappy and move the good in with me.
12. Visit the Oregon desert (fail)
13. Design and get another tattoo
14. Eat somewhere that requires dressing up (I’m positive we’ve done this… I’m striking it.)
15. Organize recycled fashion show (not going to happen.)
16. Get tire chains and go to the mountains (nope….but I went on a trip to Timberline in the summer, so I’m counting it!)
17. Take the dog for a decent walk once a week (Poor Rocky. He was a lazy old man though.)
18. Actually try sushi (I tried a sweet potato roll, does that count? I hate fish.)
19. Increase my tolerance for spicy foods (I think I’m making progress, here.)
20. Learn to finger-whistle
21. Spend some time in Alaska (probably also won’t happen by September.)

The problem with a list like this is that your priorities whims change a lot in 1001 days. Still, sort of interesting. I best get moving, though.

Ummm... and here's a picture of some yarn!


Finally got my stash unpacked. Yay! The scary part is that everything on top is a WIP.





  1. Love your rainbow-like pompom makers! :) And admire your courage to even set the goals, I'm way to scared to do it...

  2. The key is not caring too much if you totally fail to meet them.

  3. I can teach you these:

    1. Learn to spin poi (I have them, but fat chance)
    2. Learn to hoop dance


  4. It looks like you have your own personal little yarn store the way you have your stash organized. How do you like that Namaste circular needle case? I'm looking into new storage options for my needles.
    -Stephanie (sjn821 on Rav)

  5. I like it! But I was hoping to put dpns in it too, and you can't cause they leak out the corners (the pockets aren't totally solid.)


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