Thursday, January 27, 2011

Picture is Unrelated

So I've been having fun playing with the video capabilities on my phone (especially now that I've downloaded this blasted 8mm app) and it got me thinking about ways to incorporate more video into the blog. So I'm looking for some feedback:

1. Do you even LIKE videos on blogs, or do you just skip 'em?
2. Are there more techniques you'd like to see demonstrated?
3. Would you be interested in a video Q&A type thing? It could be totally goofy- people could send me questions (about knitting, or not) and I'll answer them to the best of my capabilities. Or perhaps have an occasional guest star do it. Really I'm just looking for an excuse to fool around with video again.

Maybe I'll even break out the real video camera instead of my dang phone. I know it's around here somewhere.

If you guys DID want to give me questions to answer, you could send them to, or just post 'em here. They can be anonymous. And about anything.

Or... something. Otherwise, you're probably going to get videos of dogs in clothes. Just sayin'.


  1. Videos would be a nice touch to your blog!

  2. Videos would be great, about anything! Tutorials related to your patterns would be helpful, like the one you did for Brioche stitch, which I hope to be making use of soon...

  3. Honestly, I would probably only watch videos demonstrating knitting or other crafting techniques.

  4. Videos would be great, bringing ideas to life, as it were. I have gotten a great dal of benefit from watching videos about knitting techniques, and I'm eager for more! Bring them on! I also happen to like videos of dogs in close. Very cute!

  5. I do have a question: How goes the wedding planning? The last post on your wedding blog had you picking up your dress (gorgeous). I hope your guy's facial hair didn't put a crimp in your nuptials. I mean, he did shave it off, after all...

  6. Wedding planning is going... though a bit slowly. I made my headpiece the other day, but I still need to get a good picture :-)

  7. I love videos on blogs, any knitting technique, your pups playing =)


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