Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bad pictures of nice hats

I am afraid to say that I once again fell into that common (for me, anyway) trap of thinking, “Oh hey, I’ll get fabulous pictures of my knitted gifts on the recipients! Won’t that be neat!” instead of just taking some ahead of time. To my credit, at least I took SOME this year… but I always forget how badly this sort of thing turns out.

Best case scenario, I get this:



That’s the middle of the hemlock ring blanket/doily, for those curious.

But more often, the dang thing isn’t even in focus.



At least this tea cozy held still.


I didn’t get a picture of my dad’s hat because, frankly, it was ugly. I repaired his other hat, though, as you saw before.

Travis’s hat was somewhat of a success, though, even if these photos weren’t.





I’ll be reworking it slightly and publishing it in the next few months here, so I hope you’re super pumped for dinos. If I get really ambitious, I make a few alternate panels so you can choose your favorite four dinosaurs. Don’t hold me to that, though.

Then again, I DID take a photo in advance for this one, and it's still bad:


I have other things in store, in various levels of secrecy. I have to talk to Vivian about how secret to keep the things we’re working on- it’s kind of a delicate dance when something won’t be published for a while, y’know? And I am currently putting together a little article/tutorial/pattern thing that I may submit to knitty (otherwise, it’ll be here.) Golly gee!

In other news, here is a brief photo documentary prepared by my betrothed, as he bravely removed his godawful facial featherings in the name of love (friggin’ FINALLY.)



Before you get all “aww you made him shave his awesome moustache!” I want you to sit silently for five minutes and think, really think hard, about putting your mouth on that. Daily. For 8 months.

And if you’re still pissed, look at this cute pictures of animals.


(My parents cat, Sadie. Technically I have to dislike her since she makes my lungs stop functioning and prevents me from having extended visits with my family, but darn she’s cute in that basket. She loves it, too- settles in there by herself. Awww.)


What a cute portrait of Pog! But where’s Rupert?


Oh, Ripper.


  1. Travis's hat is AWESOME. Love the dinos.

  2. I'm glad he shaved that off for you. My daughter's bf always grows one to raise money for prostate cancer for movember. And it makes him look a bit like a sexual predatgor...good thing he's such a sweet guy! I love the dinosaur hat! So cute.

  3. 1. thanks a lot
    2. Sadie is not our parent's cat, she is MY CAT


  4. I was quite surprised to hear you didn't appreciate your guy's facial hair. Your tolerance and acceptance is impressive! Impressive is also how I would describe his former mustache...For your sake, I'm happy he finally shaved!

    Oh, and the hats are great, by the way!

  5. I must say I am quite excited for the dino hat to be published...my kid will love it.
    Thank god for razors is all I can say about the 'stash.

  6. This whole post was great.

    Also the word they're making me identify to tell them I'm not a robot is "ciners" which makes me think of Tommy Boy. "Heh heh... sinner."

  7. I fully support your distaste for mustaches - having a hairy faced man in my life too..... and I love your patterns. Can't decide which ones to buy because I want them all!


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