Friday, December 30, 2011

Guess that Pog!

As promised, a little game!

As you might know, we adopted some dogs a little over a year ago. One of them, Pog, is a major mystery mutt.

Exhibit A:


For Christmas, I asked for this:


It's a DNA test that will, theoretically, tell us what dogs make up Pog's specific brand of mutt. We have our own theories, but we thought it'd be fun to let people guess! Y'know, like those pools they do with babies, only....not.

The prize:


Some nommy Louisa Harding Kimono Angora, plus whatever other goodies I feel like tossing in when I'm mailing it.

So here's how it works: In the comments, tell us which dogs you think make up the Pog. You can be as specific as you want ("50% Horse, 50% Bat" or "Mostly Gargoyle with a little bit of Gremlin.") The answer that is most accurate (and comes first in the case of a tie) gets the prize. Wisdom Panel is sort of notorious for coming back with totally left-field answers that make no sense, so if nobody gets it, I'll just draw randomly. Also good to know: Wisdom Panel doesn't have "Pit Bull", but they do have stuff like "Staffordshire Terrier" and "American Bulldog" which is what Pits were made out of back in the day. (Here's the full breed list if you want to get technical. )

Pog facts:
- 31 lbs
- Black outer coat with a tan undercoat and white blob on chest, one toe.
- 'bout knee high, or "just tall enough to whack you in the balls with her front feet."
- Very fast, smart, and stubborn. Slightly neurotic.
- Makes a wide variety of grumbles, yodels, and trills
- Underbite
- Tail curls upwards slightly
- Slightly tucked up belly
- Short hair, but not smooth. Mohawk on the spine that raises when she's angry/excited.

Reference pictures:

Pog's Underbite


Good luck! I popped the tests in the mail today and we'll keep the contest going til I get the results :-)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


2011 Patterns

Time for the yearly retrospective mosaic. Not too shabby. I cheated a little and included the CF4L hat to make it an even twenty, even though I only put up the charts for that.

I'd say "I can't believe it's almost 2012!" but really I've been accidentally writing "2012" instead of "2011" all year, so it ought to be an easy adjustment. Resolution-wise, I decided to set myself up for success this year:

1. Knit
2. Pet at least one dog on a daily basis
3. Do not go into space


Anyway, a happy new year to all!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Let's play catch-up!

I have been very bad bad bad about updating the last few months- I'm tempted to blame my computer, which keeps refusing to work very well (hopefully I'll have a replacement pretty soon.) But it's probably more my own fault.

So anyway, let's see, what's been happening...

1. A small thing, but I meant to show it off...splurged on a sweet new Namaste bag (the mini-messenger.) I saw these at TNNA and kinda fell in love. I've had it on order at Twisted since summer. Hooray!


2. I recently took over the Project Coordinator position at Malabrigo! You guys may know Hannah- she was the gal handling this stuff before, but recently moved on to a swanky new gig, and I'm pleased as punch to be taking over some of her duties. It will give me a chance to work with all sorts of wonderful designers and flex some creative muscles - very exciting! All from the comfort of my pjs. Which, today, are Travis's new Christmas pjs, which he hasn't even gotten to wear yet. They are cozy.

3. I did a craft fair! Just a little local gig (I don't make much stuff to sell, in general, so once a year or less is just about right for me) but it was a lot of fun and helped me buy quite a few Christmas presents, haha. Here's Travis manning the table (he made and sold some seriously good toffee, remind me to post the recipe next time he makes it):


4. And of course, Christmas time! Probably my favorite time. Lots of friends and family in town, lots of tasty food and time off and sparkly things and PRESENTS. I only wish this crazy snow we're getting today had turned up a few days ago. Geez.


Our little tabletop tree. The better for avoiding dog-tastrophe.



My favorite ornament- a unicorn I picked out when I was very wee.


A super crazyjellyfishrainbowglowtank from my niece & nephew (endlessly entertaining.)


Travis and I got each other shoes, quite unbeknownst to each other. His have Batman, mine have warmth.


Cross-stitch iphone case! I'm so excited! I have no idea what to stitch on it, though. I'm thinking something sort of bright and Scandinavian-inspired.


Tattoo money for Travis!


BASTARDINO!!!!!!! He's a weird Toki-Doki art-toy. I LOVE HIM.


It's difficult to get a dog to model earmuffs. FYI.


Shiny-baby-Christmas Le Creusets. I'm hoping to rope Travis into making me some souffles and mini cheesecakes.


The awesomest thing ever. It is huge, and plastic, and it is now on our wall.
Check out how excited my sister is (in the corner):


There's another present to show you but I think we're going to make a little game out of it. A game with prizes. The best kind of game. Mwahaha!!!! So we'll get to that later. Hope you're all having wonderful holidays, whichever ones you celebrate :-)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bauble Cowl

Malabrigo + pompoms + reversible + really, really fast to make =



It just makes you want to hug a weird pillar, what can I say.


The good news is, you can probably whip out at least two before the holidays! (If you're aiming for Hannukah you'll have to work a little bit faster, but I believe in you.) Last minute gift knitters, rejoice!


Mandelbrot + Fractal Knitting

Yay! The new Knitty Winter bis issue is out, and in it is an article I wrote on Fractal Spinning, and an accompanying hat pattern, Mandelbrot.


(It even made the Knittyspin front page! Ooooh!)

You may remember my previous experiment with fractals- I figured out why that one didn't work. The key is to pick something with nice, loooooong color segments. If they're not long enough, it won't be a noticable difference.


You can really see the striping on the brim of the Mandelbrot:


...and in case you were wondering, this is what it looks like when I try to walk two dogs:


I wonder where our blue leash went...hmmm....

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I hope, despite my crappy posting history of late, you'll permit me a gratuitous dog post.

'Cause exactly 1 year ago today, we brought these monsters into our lives:



Back then, they were a bit scruffier. Rupert was definitely skinnier (he may have overcompensated, just a little.) I'm not sure they were quite so good at using pillows like humans. Pog barfed in the car on the ride up, and ran around in circles whining for three days. Rupert snarled at me when I tried to stop him from licking his neuter stitches (they were infected- turns out the shelter didn't exactly take him to the best vet around. He had to have them totally redone a few days later, poor chap.) Things haven't been boring since. No more snarling, thankfully. Plenty more barfing and whining. Mostly from Pog.

Just for kicks, I uploaded a few videos from my phone:

(She did that for at least an hour, no joke. I eventually had to pop them while she was outside so she'd let it go.)

...and this is the abuse we wake up to everyday. Usually there's more hitting-faces-with-claws.

Alright, enough of that. We're off to DUCF! I promise I'll get a real post up soon- I've got plenty of things in the pipeline but my studio is just so darn cold, I haven't edited any pictures or formatted any patterns in a month. Stupid winter.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Muhmuhmuhmyyyy Sharona!

Hooray! My Sharona cowl has finally shown it's face :-)

You can find it in here: Interweave Knits Accessories 2011

I thought it was going to be in Knitscene Accessories, but I guess I was confused and that doesn't exist, haha. But yay! Interweave!! So psyched. I've been saving some Tosh and Habu to remake this later, I should get on that, now that I can show it off.

A few crappy pictures I snapped before I mailed it off (back in Portland! Whoa!)



I look ridiculous in this one but you can see the stitching well:


Friday, November 11, 2011

We're in The Knot: Michigan!

Some of you probably saw this on twitter, but hey, it's kind of exciting:


Our wedding was featured (briefly, which is funny cause they sent me a huuuge questionnaire, haha) in Michigan's edition of the Knot (Spring/Summer 2012, if you're wondering. I'm not sure if it's actually on newsstands yet.) I don't know if it will go up on the website under real weddings or not... maybe :-) Interview

Want to hear me talk (and talk...and talk... and maybe nervously giggle a lot) about designing? And maybe win a free pattern?

Clicky Clicky Talky Talky

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun with Spam (NSFW!)

Blogger is pretty good at filtering these out, but I have to say- the spammers, they are getting creative. Thought I'd share a few (with the obvious plugs removed, haha.)

"i hope this is ok for my first post , i found by chance and think its the right site to ask this question, i was wondering if any one on here has any good information on tin sheds, i was thinking of building from scratch but i cant find any info or construction drawings on one,it needs to be around 40ft x 45 ft with a large door at the front, there was a guy who posted here a few weeks back who said he knew of a computer softwear program to design them if hes still about please get in touch or if any one can help me please reply as i have tried googling it but seem to get loads of rubbish, i would also appreciate some input with framing materials i have been recomended to check these out (link removed) as i didnt want to use timber for the frame as it will rot in time regards neil"

"The question is: how are you going to do. It is important to to get a niche market that you are eager to put it up for sale their products." (Thanks for the advice, spam dude.)

"What I wouldnt give to have a debate with you about this. You just say so many things that arrive from nowhere that Im fairly certain Id have a fair shot. Your blog is wonderful visually, I mean people wont be bored. But others who can see past the videos and the layout wont be so impressed together with your generic understanding of this subject." (On a pattern release post. Yes, let's debate this hat.)

"Individuals are yours alright! . We at the very least should get these individuals stealing photos to begin running a blog! They almost certainly just did a picture lookup and grabbed them. They seem great although!" (that one didn't even have a link??)

And this one is fairly long, but it's poetry:

"Should your mirror shows all evidences countering your belief in the beauty, be aware that age is creeping over your skin. If questions like- how you can get rid of those ugly marks and spots off your epidermis and make it smooth, silky and fresh?- haunt you still then better continue on reading. Let not doubts prevail in case you have a superb product like Product making ripples of fresh exuberance to descend on your skin. It will make you seem as seductively smooth and soft as cupid would have you look to your loved one, after poking its love arrow behind you! This program is a perfect anti-aging wrinkle removing, spots eliminating one who will nullify the visibility of years on the skin. By creeping as part of your skin instantly, it lets your skin layer bloom by using a freshness and newly acquired moisture. Which has a tantalizing glow making your skin layer vibrant and young, Product forces you to look fabulously endearing making all warning signs of aging go lower the dumps. Product The components of the product are typically tested and proven to offer an awesome zeal and zest that enriches your skin with ample moisture and allows you an amazing smooth and supple skin. It will start its process rather instantly therefore making you look refreshingly smooth and supple by elevating your skin layer cell revival system it encourages beneath the upper crust of our skin. Having a continuous usage you'll have youthful vivaciousness descending onto the skin like your primal years. It triggers off a skin revival process under your skin and makes it simple discard the visible indications of aging swindles away. A few of the splendid features with which you possibly can make your skin young and fresh the product can accrue are mentioned below: *Product Retains firmness and elasticity * Moisturizes and hydrates your skin layer * Prevents new wrinkles from budding * Vanquishes lines, folds and wrinkles * Slays liver spots, blotches and blemishes * Accelerates collagen production under skin * Reduces photo-aging and hyper-pigmentation * Removes puffiness and Cow’s Feet around eyes * Makes your epidermis blush and bloom having a natural glow Appearing beautiful and young always can be really taxing. However if the youthful exuberance shining bright is what you would like despite your age, switch over to Product. This anti-aging wrinkle lifting cream is a fantastic method to guard your skin against a lot of aging signs or symptoms. Product Allowed this to skin revival system help you off of the muddying signs of aging and many types of those blotches and blemishes that hide your beauty with this particular anti-aging anti wrinkle cream. Similar to a cherub, your skin too will glow and gleam by using a childlike soft innocence and puerile elegance. The fact is you'll have no better deal in making skin baby soft and aqua fresh. Better clutch the mouse and drop the cursor with the official website of Product and then click it to have your order processed. outstanding"

But the prize for total non-sequiter rambling goes to:

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"While that fellow is working in a doggy style." Poetry, man. Pure poetry. Always think about tomorrow, guys.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Peek & Space Case now available!

Yaaaay, I can finally send my VKL patterns off into the wild!

First we've got Peek:




Yarn is Lobster Pot Handdyed Cashmere in Bass River Beach.

Aaaand Space Case!



This one is knit in Knit Collage Rolling Stone, in Boho Dance and Shooting Star. Definitely some unique yarn, hehe.

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Elusive Gentleman


Just a little something to help you blend in. Sort of.


You could hide amongst the flowers:


or perhaps amongst the University of Michigan Quidditch team:


or just fade into the crowd:


You guys, you have 7 days until Halloween. Which is just about plenty of time to make this hat and scrounge up a striped shirt (unlike us- we're lazy) and, coincidentally, the same amount of time that this pattern will be available abso-stinkin-lutely free! (After that, well, I'm not positive about phase 2 yet.)

Nab yours fast, over here on Ravelry!
(Or, skip the formalities and download now)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hint hint

Ten points if you can spot tomorrow's pattern:


add this

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