Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What news!

Hello! We've finally moved into our new place. It's a very cool apartment in the top floor of a barn, on a beautiful piece of land... only problem is that, as it turns out, it can't get any sort of affordable, useful internet (useful as in... I want to watch Netflix without paying $20 per mg over 5 or whatever.)

So that sucks, and may limit the amount of time we can live here, but it's fun for now and I can still check email and everything on my phone.

We also picked up a new pooch! Two, actually. The second is probably a foster, so she'll hang out until we can find her a really great new home (though who knows, she may just end up hangin' around forever.) They were the only two dogs at the shelter and we couldn't just leave her alone there... it was not a very nice place. She's a real sweetpea but still sort of a pup and a bit rough on the other dog. (Incidentally, if you're in southern Michigan and looking for a really great dog, let me know.)

Anyway, this is Professor Rupert Q. Dogsworth, the one I intended to get:


And this is Pog:

(yeah, sorry, I just discovered Instagram)

I am in Christmas panic mode, and no one is surprised... I had all these grand plans to maybe even whip out the sewing machine, but my studio is still packed up and full of off-gassing ikea furniture and frankly, it's probably not going to happen. So...crap. I got most of the knitting done, though (except for Travis's, poor kid.) I've got a pattern or two at the type-up-and-photograph point, so...sneak previews soon. I'll try to nip into town for a blog post every now and again, but this whole no-internet thing really sucks.

Sure is pretty out here though-




(of course this was all before the insane deluge of snow.)



Dang local cat who won't stop tormenting my dogs from outside.



  1. Pog is awesome. You keep her and train her and I will take her once I have a more concrete pet friendly living situation..

  2. Awwwr, your pups are so cute.

    Um, it looks COLD there. Stay warm! Happy holidays!


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