Monday, December 27, 2010

Re-cuffing a hat (or mittens/socks/whatever)

(A tutorial, with horrible iphone pictures!)

So, let's say you have this lovely hat made out of Verb for Keeping Warm Annapurna, and say that your dog got ahold of it:


I feel it necessary to mention that my dogs did NOT do this... it was my dad's hat from last Christmas, and my parents' goldendoodle has an eating-things-that-aren't-food problem. I assured him that I could reknit the cuff, and he requested dark brown. I thought I'd document the process. It's pretty easy, but hey.


1. Using waste yarn and a yarn needle, pick a point a few rows above the damage (or the whole cuff in this case) and go under one leg of each stitch in a row, all the way around.

(the circled leg is where the needle would go in next.) And so on, all the way around.


2. Chop off the cuff a couple of rows above the stitching.


(God these pictures are awful, I'm sorry. I'm not sure where my real camera was for this.)

3. Unravel down (or up) to the waste yarn. There'll be a lot of little pieces to pull out and it can be slow going, but it's not too bad.


4. Stick a circular needle in along the waste yarn. Make sure you pick up any wayward stitches that you might've missed when putting the waste yarn in, heh.


5. Snip the waste yarn and pull it out.


6. Knit! Make sure to correct the stitch orientation if they ended up backwards, like mine did. Hehe. (Nice dropped stitch, too.)


7. Put it on your zombie alter-ego!


(Man, winter light + cell phone white balance = unfortunate looking Alex.)

The Offender (and my grandmother):

Good thing she's cute.


  1. This was totally I have a few things I need to fix!


  2. that was a GREAT tutorial! The hat looked perfect,the poochie is adorable!!


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