Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I caught a glimpse of my recent Etsy favorites today...

It would appear that Vivian's color sense has rubbed off on me.



Sorry the blog has been so dull. We're still waiting for our awesome apartment to be ready (soon!) so I've just taken these few weeks to crank out Christmas knittings, which of course I can't show here yet. I think I actually only have one thing left to do (plus all the blocking and whatnot) and that's only not done because I have to get white yarn (who buys white yarn? Ain't no white yarn in this stash, man.) So...that's good! Plus two hats for army friends, finished up a ridiculous scarf/shrug thing (pictures forthcoming), and worked on some supertopsecrety stuff ;-) Once we're moved in, I can start making batts again! Hoorah!


  1. aww, you've got all my colors! what exceptional taste you have.

  2. what yarn is that in the top-left corner? so beautiful!

  3. I don't remember what the shop name was at the moment...but it sold :-( And I think it was one of a kind. Sad day.


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