Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Steeking is Seereus Biznuss.

Heheh- one of my former Twisted bosses, Emily, just posted a video of her friend Alessandra steeking a Bad Oyster shawl (with helpful commentary, of course - "Don't say 'wait!' while someone's steeking!")

And even better... a Frenchie in a shawl! Lookin' good, Carat.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So I caught a glimpse of my recent Etsy favorites today...

It would appear that Vivian's color sense has rubbed off on me.



Sorry the blog has been so dull. We're still waiting for our awesome apartment to be ready (soon!) so I've just taken these few weeks to crank out Christmas knittings, which of course I can't show here yet. I think I actually only have one thing left to do (plus all the blocking and whatnot) and that's only not done because I have to get white yarn (who buys white yarn? Ain't no white yarn in this stash, man.) So...that's good! Plus two hats for army friends, finished up a ridiculous scarf/shrug thing (pictures forthcoming), and worked on some supertopsecrety stuff ;-) Once we're moved in, I can start making batts again! Hoorah!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home, is where I want to be...

Whew. So, we're back in Michigan. Have been for a week or so, actually, but I'm still getting my head back on straight. We're staying with Travis's parents for the time being, while we find a suitable apartment (it's hard when you insist on the level of dog-friendliness that I insist on.) I've got some patterns in the oven, but with Christmas coming out they're bound to get waylaid :-/ But here's a quick smattering of pictures from the trip!





We dodged the bad weather, but got a nail in our tire somewhere in Buttholenowhere, South Dakota...and without a replacement for about 500 miles, we were forced into buying a full set of snow tires. But, oh well, I'm in Michigan now, it can't hurt to have snow tires I guess. We were delayed enough that we had to skip the House on the Rock, though, which was very depressing. Ever since Rocky died, I'd been telling myself "But at least now, you can go to the House on the Rock on the way home!" Nope. Rip off. Grr. But I did get to stop in Chicago and meet Sarah in person (no pictures of that, I'm afraid), and we did go to a sort of neat little museum in Idaho, and a crazy abandoned cement factory in Oregon:


(Tyrannosaurus hands!!)






(Sneak peek of something that will either be awesome or really terrible, I'm not sure yet.)


It's good to be back, though. So crazy to be surrounded by countryside again, and deer and cranes and farms and donuts and cider and goodness! Travis has already secured himself a job at Zingerman's, at least for the holidays. I'll be glad to get our own place and start covering it in wool-dust. Itching for another dog, too. Or several. Sigh. Soon enough, soon enough.

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