Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Go Go Malabrigo, Vol. 2!

Six patterns in two days? Am I insane?? (Well, I formatted for about 12 hours yesterday, so I am now.) But anyway... The second Malabrigo ebook is nigh! By which I mean... totally here!


Now, if you want the whole shebang: five patterns, including three worsted weight hats, some easy-peasey-squooshy armwarmers, and a cowl-thing, you can go right ahead and click this button:

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The whole ebook is $15 again, so 5 patterns for the price of 3!

And what are these patterns, you might ask? Let me give you the tour. (Click the names to go to their Ravelry pages, where there are more pictures and details. If I repeat them all here, this post is going to get waaaay too long.)

Hollywood Boulevard


Merino Worsted beret! With a star on top!

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Dilih Wrap


You might've seen this one on the blog some months ago. Very quick and easy and foxy and warm! Have I mentioned how I can't stop buying "Sunset"? I think I've gotten it in every base yarn, by now.

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Look deeeeep into my hat....

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Annelida Gauntlets


Fancier and squooshier than your average ribbing ;-)

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So darn cute you'll get a cavity.

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Hooray!! And now, I move. See you on the other side, folks!

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